Looking for a Challenge mode group

Bleeding Hollow
Basically what the title says. Looking for a challenge mode group. I can provide pots if you get me mats, I have invisibility pots, etc, and i have experience in the dungeons.

I'd like to go for full silver, and any time I am on I should be available. Feel free to shoot me a PM in-game.
I'm also looking for a challenge mode group, if you need a boomkin.

Unfortunately my schedule is pretty sporadic, I work nights (9pm+) and raid on my off-nights (8pm-11pm) as well. I usually have one night, either Mondays or a Weekend day off. Best times for me are late night on raid nights (tues-thurs).

BUT if you need a Boomkin, I'd like to push for at the very least, Silver. Though i'd love to hit Gold as well.
For Shikoku I'd find time.
Send me some mail in game. I will dps. I also am going for full silver.

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