WTS Geosynchronous World Spinner

Shattered Hand
I'm looking to sell a Geosynchronous World Spinner.
If you provide the vendor mats Orb of Mystery, I'll knock 60k off the price. (since I assume most people are in a lvl 25 guild by now, and will get the perk.)

Looking to get 100k (with your mats) out of it. Willing to negotiate. Whisper me in game hundredth#1699.
100k with my mats, and 40k for 54k worth of vendor mats

how do i math
Sorry had 12k in my mind for some reason, not 18k.

And yes , 100k with your mats. Mats I'm providing, time I spent farming them, and rarity of it.
12 living steel, 12 trillium bar, 12 spirit of harmony didn't take you 100k worth of time to farm, unless you are a legless boy without a Hodor to assist you :(

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