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Bleeding Hollow
Hello. I am Vizioso, GM of <Slow Down>. We are a level 14 guild founded by 2 former TBC multi-glad/rank 1 Vengeful/pre-BC Warlords. We were initially looking to only do PvP, but with the addition of some friends who want to head up a PvE side of things, were looking to expand a bit more. We are currently a small guild, and ideally will still stay relatively small (ie not a 300 person Zerg guild). We're not asking for an 'iLvl requirement' or to link us achievements as we're all still gearing up and re-learning the game, but it doesn't hurt to have those things. What we can promise with regards to who we are is this:

- Experienced raiders (All content at level excluding Cata & Arthas, but including vanilla Cthun & KT, Archimonde, etc.)
- Experienced PvPers (Vanilla BG/arena/some RBG)
- Good teachers

Any questions beyond that or, if interested, inbox me in game or ask on here and I will elaborate. Thanks for reading.
Have you decided on raiding hours? I'm looking for brief raiding hours on the weekends.

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