Feral Problems

So me and my disc priest have been pushing for 2k....we got the team up to 1.9k with little problems, but then we come across a feral healer team.....specifically feral/disc. It just seems like they counter us so hard and I've tried everything I have to beat these teams lost to 3 of them so far that were around 1750 mmr and they are killing our rating. Does anyone have any tips whatsoever? I've tried training the priest and training the feral and making constant switches none of it is working. Always seems like I get one really low and they cc the hell out of me. Would really appreciate any help.

Is that... a Mage?
He/she also has an 1822 Disc, which is 1/2 of the problem team, so I'll take their advice on the situation. Need to convince my priest to actually use MC she is pretty hung up on Psyfiend, which I keep telling her isn't that great in 2s. She also refuses to use any sort of com as well which hurts. The few times we have used it, her house is pretty chaotic with the kids and family running amok hard to concentrate.

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