Prot or Ret? and vs Warrior

So I'm getting back into WoW. I have this 90 pally I played a lot in Wrath and have an 85 warrior I'm getting to 90 as well.

Basically, for all those pallies out there, do you have more fun as prot or as ret? Also, if you know, how competitive are warriors? Would a guild/raid group be more open to taking a pally tank over a warrior tank or vice versa with DPS?

More or less I want to know whether to MS Prot on pally with OS Ret and MS Arms(or fury) on warrior and OS Prot...or the other way around with MS Ret pally and MS Prot warrior.

Any insight into end game PVE raiding would be awesome. Need to find my niche again I guess.
Right now both classes are doing well for pallys! (Especially prot) they are both pretty fun to play. A lot of guilds are using prot pallys right now because they are extremely good, if not a little OP. (arguably the best tank right now) Ret is also in a good place right now. They are able to get near the top of dps, if not the top, as well as bringing some utility to the raid. The only problem with ret is that it is extremely gear dependent so you won't be topping the charts until you get some decent gear. There is hope however because ret and prot share gear! (Which is awesome) any piece of gear with haste is good for both! Both have the same stat priority with haste > mastery > crit. So any piece with haste and mastery/hit/expertise is good for both.

What makes prot pallys excel from other tanks?
Prot pallys are great self healers and are essentially a 3rd or 4th healer with their healing done due to seal of insight with battle healer glyph and scared shield. On top of this they are able to remover debuffs other tanks can't through bubble and divine protection.

You can't go wrong with rocking a pally plus you can gear both sets with the same gear! Hope this helped :)
Thanks for the info. I think I'll slowly gear up to go Prot MS. Sounds like a lot of fun.
I've given up on tanking as a bad job this expansion. I would love to tank again if we used either full dps gear (haste and its ilk) or full tank gear (dodge, parry, mastery), but our tier gear has dodge, parry, and mastery (not a bad stat really) on it. This one foot in the pool thing is bothering me, so I'm swapping over to retribution.

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