Heroic ToT

ok so im going into heroic tot as an elemental shaman im wondering does anyone have any tips for me for some of the bosses?

eg: using shamanistic rage glyph for jinrohk ect.

Searing totem on fixated dinosaur to push it back ect.

Make a purge macro for heroic horridon its a must
you can talk to Paleontology in my guild
I would need a btag =/
Make a purge macro for heroic horridon its a must

Edit: I use

/stop casting
/cast [target=focus] Purge
I have the same for my interrupt, might sound like a noob question, but what am i purging D:
MMO-Champion and ICY-VEINS both have some very good info in their class forums. For Jinrokh, hold burst for first pool unless you have VERY high group dps, then its better to use off the pull (or itll be a one time thing). AG during the lightning storm, helps healers ALOT. On horridon I prefer to flameshock/searing totem/projection to deal with pinky rather than spam purge. On council, CL cleave when you can, off heal during Kazrajin (a simple healing rain works wonders). Glyph of HST is nice too to help people with frost debuffs. Purge/UE are nice on tortos to maintain the buff. On meg use HR on the stack phases, helps the raid tremendously. On Ji kun, make sure to only use ascendance with food buff (except off the pull). Durumu, make sure to get DBM times for the dot, grounding totem is tremendously useful here. Also CL like a boss :P. On animus, glyph of lightning shield is really nice for the start of the fight, primal elemental earth ele defense spell is really useful as well. Ele is kinda weak on primordius, not much to say here but use your HST glyphed often to help the raid. On IQ spam CL like a boss during last phase, save your burst for when third dog transitions. TC is another great CL fight. Also make sure to dps suen as much as you can in p1. Hope all of this info helps :P
Jin'rock - Glyph Shamanistic Rage instead of Chain Lightning, make sure to dispel your ionization outside the pool with nobody else around. When you're dodging the Lightning Balls, they come out at a diagonal pattern from the initial purple circle. Do not stand in that circle, do not stand near that circle. Try and drop your HST and SBT around this time for some safety.

/target direhorn spirit
/cast purge

You can do it with Searing Totem, but it's a bit trickier to set up. There's a forum post somewhere around here about getting it right through focus and mouseover macros, but I just have it macro-d to Shift Z.

Here's the thing - our best DPS comes from Chain Lightning Spam, but you have to evaluate the DPS of your group. IF they can single target the right adds down, then Chain Lightning. Otherwise, stick to a cleave rotation.

As you have a 4pc, Open with Ascendance. It will be up by the 2nd door. Lava Beam the adds or Single Target down a Venom Priest / Effusions.

Council - Good luck. IT's really tricky not to die on this fight - so make sure your group has a method for dealing with Frostbite. Otherwise, you'll be on Loa Duty. When Mar'li empowers, it's the one and only time Thunderstorm is useful on a boss fight. Thunderstorm it away from the other add so you keep them spread apart. Otherwise, it's a straightforward fight, just requires good movement at the right times.

Tortos - If you're on Bats, woohoo! Wait until they're aggro'd, and then chain lightning them down to victory. If you are doing the bat kiting method, Chain Lightning the Turtles as they come out, drop earthbind

/target humming crystal
/cast purge

Weak Auras help you keep your shell up properly. http://wow.nerdqt.com/?p=222

Make sure that you don't just get outside of the blue circle on rockfall. Try to keep some distance. Don't run at the person who is designated to kick shells.
haha wow thanks! that was really helpful :)
Thankyou again for the weakaura too!
Megaera - It really depends on what order you do them, but you'll need to know if you're going to chain lightning the adds when they appear (after they are aggro'd) or when the rampage starts. I glyph Sham Rage on this one too - because the healers can generally dispel me, but in the later phases when you need immediate dispels, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, it's all single target on the appropriate head, with lots of movement for Ice Torrent.

Ji-Kun - Hopefully you'll fly a lot, because Ele is really great at the nests. Pop Ascendance off the bat on the first nest, and hold it until the 6th nest (the one right above Ji-Kun). That nest needs to go down fast and you need to fall back down in time for Quills. Fire Ele is good too - because you can use him on nest 5 to help with the eggs as well. Cleave Rotation. Try to time your flights right for maximum primal nutrients. And yes, Chain Lightning Spam :)

Durumu - Did anyone ever tell you how good Chain Lightning spam is? Cast Earthquake directly under the intersection of the three walls before they appear, and chain lightning the crap out of them. Ignore all other mechanics unless you have to take a Life Drain. Nobody knocks down walls better than us. Also, GROUNDING TOTEM. If you cast Grounding Totem within 5 seconds of Dark Parasite being cast, it'll hit the grounding totem instead. Saves the healers some mechanics. Otherwise, my group doesn't find the adds too troublesome, so we dispel earlier than later. Watch for the pulses to mark the red adds and best position yellow and blue. Stand in Yellow and I tend to DPS Durumu because red has all the dps they need for the adds. If they don't, then help them out.

In the melee range of the maze, you can get some LvBs and EBs out, but it's mostly Lightning Spam and you can Thunderstorm because you're close enough to the boss.

Primordius: You'll be on the Viscous Horror and Ooze duty. Have your tank move the horror into small slimes for maximum Chain Lightning potential. Glyph Chain Lightning. I run a 2 minute timer once the first person gets a 5 buff, so I know when to spam the crap out of oozes because people are going to have to refresh their buff. And if you get a good set of mutations, spam spam spam chain lightning to slow down his evolution. Slimes killed behind him are typically gone by the time he makes 1 go around. Macro Sham Rage and SBT for this fight, and if you get the Pathogen on you pop them to survive and make your healer's life easier.
Dark Animus: This fight sucks. At least, it feels that way for me. I am pretty good at dodging Anima Font rings, but it makes life tricky for casting. A lot of Ele's will take Primal Elementalist because they can't reliably cast EB. Your mileage may vary. The important thing to note is that you want to click off Rocky's auto taunt or you will f'ck up a lot of the work going on. When I do use him, I cast him, make sure I'm in a safe position, click his taunt, and then channel his Empower. It'll hold your add (if you aren't killing it into something) for a full minute and allow you full movement through the room.

Watch to see if you become all golden. That means you're the matter swapee. It's better to dispel people on the earlier side (like 7 or maybe 8 seconds in), but if your healers are going to 6 or 5, you'll take the greater damage. So using SBT beforehand will lessen the blow. You generally don't want a tank to get swapped, so run towards them to avoid it.

The Interrupting Jolts come too fast for you to really use SBT/Astral Shift and Sham Rage back to back. (it's like 25 seconds). So the other reason people use Primal Elementalist is that you usually have Rocky back up to get a 1 minute channel with the damage reduction. You can still survive one by yourself, so make sure you are full even if you have to spam a few healing surges on yourself. Popping Ascendance and Ancestral Guidance right after one gives you enough time for a full Ascendance. And for the love of god, make sure you have a way to cancel your lightning bolt!
Thanks did know the one on prim about the macro for pathogen!
Twins: Single target. The corrupting crash star thingy hurts. I have a /castsequence macro so I can use SBT and Sham Rage with the same keybind. they happen roughly 30 seconds apart, so you can always have one ready. It's all single target, so just go with what you feel best. During Nuclear Blast use one defensive, drop healing rain and healing stream totem, and on one of them drop HTT. I actually glyph HST because that 10% reduction is great on this fight.

Remember that you can use Tremor Totem to break out of the sleep effect the flowers give. Melee tend to get hit more about that, and since I use Totemic Projection, I just drop it and launch it into the melee so they can ignore the ones coming in.

Iron Qon:

Another mostly single target fight. Try to stay at maximum range so the spears hit the walls, use defensives when stacked, and push that first phase as fast as you can. I use a defensive right before the Wind Storm hits, and dodging tornados should be extremely easy. Just make sure you wait because the first one seems to be the trickiest to dodge.

Make sure you click your buddy when they get lightning stormed. There's a few where you'll get speared and your buddy gets stormed. Leave no man behind - get them out even if it means some damage, otherwise, they'll die.

Windwalk Totem works against Dam'Ren's slow debuff. So have people call it out when they need to cross lines, drop it and project it.

Once the 4 dogs come out, everyone should be on Roshak, but uh... hello Chain Lightning - there's a reason why you're my button #2. If Ascendance is up, then just go to town on him, because Lava Beam increases damage as it chains, so it doesn't help you kill Roshak any faster.

We just started Lei-Shen, and I was healing. So I don't have as many tips there, except....

Grounding Totem. Make sure you're at range of everyone on the diffusion platform (the chain lightning that spawns adds) and drop grounding right by you. Do not project it at all costs. The beam should hit your totem and guarantee only 1 add spawn. If you project it, it will hit the grounding totem, then you, spawning 2 adds.

Otherwise, the nasty thing that kept happening was that the bouncing ball would sometimes appear directly over a crashing thunder. So you need to time a defensive right before it hits to soak the ball and then get out from standing in the bad. Oh, and do keep at least halfway up the platform and have your Ghost Wolf key ready to be pressed in case you get the pushback beam.

Good luck!
oh - and one last thing about Dark Animus and Elementals.

When you summon Flamer, he always attacks the nearest golem first before realizing he should be on Animus. So make sure that there isn't a small inactive or low health target around or you may just kill the wrong thing. I actually change my mousewheel down to /target Dark Animus because targeting the wrong thing can go horribly wrong in that fight.

But generally, if you only flame shock Dark Animus, your searing totem and Elementals will attack him. But watch them carefully because a few times I had to pull them up.
Thanks these tips are great! i really appreciate it! ill be looking back at this several times im sure! :D

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