Squishy Holy PvP

Is it how i'm building and playing or does anyone else feel it? I use my cooldowns, ( i.e Divine Protection when a spell caster is about to launch something big to eat some of it up.)

There's also the problem where i lose mana really fast when it shows i need more spirit, so would it be worth it to swap my JC speciality gems from intel to spirit for a BG/RBG build?

I don't want this to be chunked and long. any tips anyone has may help make a difference, Thanks!
This might help, don't spam or use Flash of Light often.
Wear any Tyrannical pieces you have.
Wear any PvE pieces instead that are higher ilvl than Malevolent PvP gear.

You get 65% base resil as is, and with the nerf to resil gems it's not good to gem for resil. as a healer imo.
The PvE pieces will benefit you much more than Malevolent pieces.
All you are losing not wearing the crafted or Malevolent pieces you have is a little PvP power.
Which will more than be made up by the better stats of the PvE gear, even though it scales down to 496 ilvl inside instanced PvP.

If you are running out of mana frequently because fights are lasting along time then it's ok to gem for more regen.
Thank you for the tips Diesallot and Meirwen i'll use them and hopefully enjoy pvp healing more.

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