Alterac Valley & Strand of the Ancients help?

I never understood the objective in Alterac Valley and Strand of the Ancients. I have no idea who's winning or losing or how to win, and I try not to ask these questions in the BG, cause as you know, players are vicious and mean. So, I'm asking here. Please explain the objectives in these BGs?
The objective of Alterac Valley is to deplete the enemy's reinforcements to zero. This is done by destroying bunkers, killing other players and killing the captains. Killing the enemy general will reduce all reinforcements for the team to 0, meaning a win for that team.

Once upon a time Alterac Valley was an amazing place of war, where you could summon ancient elemental bosses, lead cavalry charges and aerial assaults. Now the best you can hope for is backcapping a few towers and hope they don't have tanks or healers to kill the general with 2 towers alive (having a bunker alive adds a warmaster to the general, that buffs his health and damage).

Strand of the Ancients is slightly more simple. Your objective is to destroy the walls, get to the end and capture the titan relic. If you're on defense, the objective is to delay them for as long as possible (the team that captures the relic fastest wins).
The objective to AV, Horde side, is to run to Bal, kill her, then run North, stand in front of the door killing NPC's, typing "ALL IN" and complaining about how the map favors the Alliance. One thing you must never do is guard a bunker if you are Horde.

In Strand the objective is two-fold. Objective one is to sit AFK on the boat, the spawn, a cannon, or just below the spawn. Objective two is to kill as many players as possible while the demos go by.

I think that's all you need to know.

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