Ret PvP questions

So I read Vanguard's PvP Ret guide but I still have some questions. It's mainly regarding with holy power and I guess the priority/rotation system.
I know the first thing to do is to get Inquistion up,but do I use it when I get 3 Holy power or build up to 5? Same with Templar's Verdict. I'm basically asking if I "pool" Holy Power like similar to energy.
Also with the priority of the spells. I guess Templar's Verdict>Exorcism>Judgement>Crusader Strike. But where would I put Hammer of Wrath when the target is below 50%.
In pvp there is no rotation keep Inquisition up and after try not tto keep HP pooled use it as it comes heal often and remember to practice as Much as possible when someone post for am arena partner in 2s volunteer to help when your bored que up for bgs duel your friends keep practicing until it's second nature and you will be fine
Thanks for the tips.
CS > Judgement - Always.

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