If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

So first, I'll admit my mistake in not reading through the last several months of patch notes that I missed since I've been gone. I'll be correcting that shortly.

But I'd like to know what the flyin hell Blizz is up to with whatever they're doing to low-level BGs. I noticed something was off when I started seeing people a few levels lower than I with equal health pools in the 80s bracket. But I just got out of a match a few minutes ago where there was a lvl 80 disc priest with 150k hp, a slightly lower ilvl than myself (331, I think his armory said), and was completely demolishing everyone in the bg while being literally unkillable. I think he had 24 KBs, no deaths, and 330k dmg done to the next guy on the list, a hunter at about 112k. To put this in perspective, I have about 96k at level 84 with a 338 ilvl. His DoTs alone were ticking on me for about 14k.

I have never been three-shotted by a healer (Penance) in a BG. Especially not one who was 4 levels lower than I.

When I asked my teammates 'wtf', they told me about something Blizz is trying where they boost ilvls or some such for lower levels in each bracket. That's all well and good, but in true Blizz fashion, they seem to have botched the numbers by huge margins. We now have lvl 80s twinking in the 80-84 bracket. Does not compute.

So, I echo my cries from the last BG:

Didn't bother reading but I must add this to your title...

"but if it could be better, it's just as good as broken"


After scimming through what you have experienced, it seems to me that Blizzard is doing what BioWare has done for SWTOR... Called "Bolster"
Basically they raise the item level of every piece of gear to equal out what it would be at the top of the bracket. That being said, if the level 80 had a few pieces of 409 gear (which is possible with the few BoE blues at that level) I think those would get bumped up as well. While the characters level out of the BG would be even with yours, the 4 level discrepancy would make all of their gear 4 levels (or however many per level they go up) more than yours.

It was done to try and even out the playing field, but seems to have missed the mark in some ways.

Hope this helps.
Yeah, that's pretty much what I was looking for. I hope this feature gets some more refinement. It's definitely not OK in its current iteration.
We now have lvl 80s twinking in the 80-84 bracket. Does not compute.

As a former 70 and 85 twinker, I can tell you that twinking at the lowest end of the bracket has always been more beneficial than leveling to the top end of the bracket, mainly due to secondary stat scaling.

This is nothing new.

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