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Hi to all. Ok so I'm a complete newbie and I'm really sort of in need of help or advise. Hope this is the place to get it. Please let me know if I'm in the wrong place.
Help/advise on: I have quite a few dungeon quests to do and I think I know how to go getting involved in them but my fear is that I'm doing it wrong (only having done 1). If I join in on a dungeon quest or get transferred to it, will someone let me know if I've stuffed up or done something wrong? and if I have messed up how do I get the help/advise I need not to make the same mistake again, or where can I go or will someone let me know during the dungeon? Sorry, I'm really unsure of what I'm doing while in the company of others that I would hate to piss someone off and then not be able to finish all my dungeon stuff or maybe not be able to join a group to do dungeons (which I hope to do later when I get more confident). Long winded I know but any advise will be of a great help. cheers.
Hi Cath,

You are most definitely in the right place and this is still one of the most daunting things in the game, due to the social element involved.

The way I handle it is:

- Grab the quests and check out on the dungeon map straight away where abouts each one will be required to be completed and how (boss kill (easy), activating something (if so, where?).

- If others are stopping with you, yay! Never fear, they'll be in the same boat as you.

- If the rest of the group has stormed on ahead, just politely /i and say something like

'Hi guys, this is my first time in here. Mind if we knock off the quests as we go?' or something to that effect.

- If I've come in part way, I usually go 'Hi everyone! Are there any share quests available?'

Most people will come back with 'Sure! No problems!' and actively help you. They've done it before themselves and anyone at that level is MAD to pass up on easy XP and blue loot.

If they don't give you the assistance, just do it anyway. It's as much your dungeon as it is theres. Own your right to your dungeon experience. Just because you are a dps (or any other class for that matter), does not mean that you have any less right to gain the full potential out of the dungeon than someone else. That includes the quests!

Excellent, thankyou very much for the advise. Still hesitating but I know I've got to just jump in.
I know it's daunting and I used to be someone who cared about how others saw me online. To some extent I still do.

So long as I'm always taking the high road and being polite and courteous, I'm no longer bothered by what others think. Right down to them spamming Recount telling me I'm doing crummy dps on my scrub alt!

Remember, they don't know you. The chances of bumping into them again are slim to none. As a bonus, you can ignore them which will ensure you'll never run with them again :P
Again thanks for the advise but to pick your brain a little more, I'm confused about the pickups of items that are left as I've noticed some are left with items that are not being picked up and I don't want to pick them up or are we supposed to leave them? Plus I noticed last night that I joined a dungeon but it didn't come off my quest log, which really played with my brain so now I'm really confused with dungeon quests. Hope this makes sense? Again cheers for help

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