how do I turn off background downloader?

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My day-to-day internet connection is expensive and has a low data limit. Once upon a time I was able to turn off the background downloader; when a patch came in I would find an alternative internet connection, load the patch and return to my usual internet to play. Then Blizz changed things and I couldn't turn off the background downloader anymore, so I stopped playing. I'd like to come back now, so I'm asking if anyone can help? Is it possible to turn off the background downloader so I can control the data flow? I'd hate to have to quit the game permanently because of internet data limits.
Someone must have an idea, surely there is a way to turn it off?
There is no way to stop the downloader. If there is a patch it will download it. The only thing you can disable is P2P.

The Background Downloader is not currently enabled since there is no patch data to download. However, when there is data we do not have a client side option for you to disable the background downloader. That data is just automatically downloaded through the launcher.

It's not something I'd recommend, but you could bypass the launcher and start the game from the WoW.exe file when the Background Downloader is turned on. But I'd suggest that you quickly perform what ever other method you have planned to get that upcoming patch data in your updates folder so you can start using the launcher again.

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Well, please let the devs know i really appreciate them taking away the ability for me to tell the game to not make itself unplayable with lag caused by the BG Downloader. Seriously annoying.
I am also annoyed with the background downloader. I was doing some stuff on my computer when it suddenly got really slow, and then Norton Anti-Virus popped up to warn me that the updater was using excessive resources and slowing down my PC. I will patch WoW when I am ready to play WoW, I don't need it forcing it down my throat when I am doing other things. I had to kill the process in task manager because it doesn't even have a taskbar icon. It should be easy to turn it off when we don't want it. Otherwise it is acting like a virus on my PC and I don't appreciate it.
Norton is the issue not the downloader. Norton interferes with the downloaders ability to function properly. Norton also interferes with the game and is a huge resource hog. There are Better free alternatives to Norton. MSE by Microsoft is light years better. And if you are using Norton with windows 8 there are compatibility issues. Windows 8 does not work well with any antivirus that does not have the ability to work as a second line of defense do to the always active Antimalware program in windows 8
Whist I agree that Norton is a serious problem child as far as anti virus and other addon issues it brings, the real issue here is the fact that some of us, in fact MANY of us would prefer to download the patch data on our OWN terms.
I will say that for some this is a major issue, especially if we're on capped Dl limits, and we may have to wait till the beginning of next month to play wow because the patch is sucking to much bandwith.
, the real issue here is the fact that some of us, in fact MANY of us would prefer to download the patch data on our OWN terms.

And in one sentence you summed up why letting people have a choice is a bad idea. People wait till patch day to down load the patch. Then wonder why they are only downloading at 30k a second. Why because everyone waited till patch day causing congestion on the download servers when they implemented the streaming content and launcher it was removed .

This is the reason why 3g and 4g and most wireless connections are not supported because of limited bandwidth. Not because they will not work. 3 and 4 g work fine for playing but the limits on bandwidth are what make it not supported

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