Hi there, Looking for some fellow players opinions on what the best class specs are for pvp twinking. Also want to know what is better a lvl 70 twink or 60. I was thinking warrior? Not sure if that would be a good choice or not. Let me know thanks.
level up
Nice acheivment points
70s is more popular/active than 60s.

Warrior is somewhat lackluster but not terrible, and prot is the only decent spec imo.

Generally speaking Hybrids such as Druids,Priest,etc, tend to do better in the 70s bracket.

The more I think about it, since 5.3 no class is really terrible at 70s. But I'd say War/Lock are at the bottom but still viable.
70's rah rah rah, healers everywhere.

60's long queues, mages, and prot warriors.

Take your pick.
Alrighty I guess ill be going with lvl 70 twink, Is there any other good twink classes? other then 60/70

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