[A] Shambles Group 1 (1/14H) Group 2 (13/14N)

Shambles is a tight knit, socially active semi-hardcore raiding guild wishing to fill some positions for its two groups.

We are mature (17+) players and boast a relaxed, fun feel while still maintaining the semi-hardcore perspective. We are seeking active, skilled players who are wishing to work hard yet still have fun, after all it is a game and meant to be enjoyable. If you're one of those exceptional people who are constantly out-performing others of your class, we want you.

Raid Times

Group 1 (14/14NM)
Monday, Thursday, Sunday 8.00 pm - 11.00 pm ST

Group 2 (13/14NM)
Friday - 8.00 pm - 12.00 am ST
Saturday - 7.00 pm - 11.00 pm ST

Wednesday - 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm ST


Group 1 (14/14NM)
- Priest/Paladin Healer (currently trialling one ATM)

Group 2 (13/14NM)
- 1 x Melee DPS (no rogues please)
- 1 x Tank


- Vent
- Working mic
- Decent latency
- Raid awareness
- Positivity
- Punctuality
- 550 ilev minimum
- Legendary Cloak or close to achieving it


It is of utmost importance that all raiders are active, know their class inside and out, and make a big effort to be online outside of raid times to complete flexi's, world bosses, etc, so that they can be in the best position gear-wise for progression.

We are not interested in those who just turn up for raids and expect loot handouts, without making any attempt to work on their character.


Pneumatix (GM and Group 1 RL), Norsa (Group 2 RL) or alternatively and officer online.
Any chance for a hunter?
Not currently, unfortunately.
What are you guys looking for? I am on a different server so I would have to xfer.

Fleas#1170 for contact info.
Haven't cleared this with gm or anything but... shambles + crits = sunday night funtimes for the core?
Hi Biz

What do you mean by that statement? Our Group 1 raids Sunday nights at 8ST.

Bruceflea - We currently need ranged and a healer.
Bump. Still need a ranged and healer.
If your G2 needs change then add me. Stephen#1385
526 Hunter 6/13H Cleared NM
Thanks for the interest everyone.

However, we currently don't need any hunters, just the classes listed above in the post (Ranged DPS (Warlock/Boomy/Ele Shaman/Mage) and Heals (Pally/Shaman/Druid)).

Please contact me on Giger#1401 to discuss.
Bump. Currently just in need of a healer now (Pally/Shaman/Druid).
Let us know when you move to 25m.. wtb more real guilds on this awesome server.
It probably won't be for a while, our guild is rather small and wouldn't happen until both teams are well established.
Hi, I currently have my holy paladin im working to regear and get into raiding this expansion.

The current gear level of ny toon is underwhelming to say the least but im well experienced in playing a holy paladin, im only recently getting back into wow after quitting during cata just as rf came out.

Ive hsd previous hm experience and am easy going and chilled.

Am looking for a progression raiding guild and to get back into the swing of things.

I also have multiple other 90's I am willing to gear depending on needs ect

Buck0#6312 to have a chat

Bump. Currently need a reliable plate tank.
Just came back to the game and would be interested in a reserve spot if possible.

ilvl 495 currently Guardian Main Spec/Feral OS (just came back, been 90 for a whole week and a half). Former hardcore raider in Cataclysm and WOTLK. Main's achieves can be found here.

Bump. In deed of PLATE tank and HEALS (non priest).
Dont add Lêander. He's an absolute jerk who can't tank at all. Plus he's rude and swears at anyone who makes a small mistak.

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