[A] Shambles Group 1 (1/14H) Group 2 (13/14N)

still looking for tank?

im prot war ilvl 514
4/13HM on my main which is prot pally.
We definitely are, add me on real ID - Giger#1401 and we can have a chat.
X Hardcore raider looking to xfer onto oceanic server to make raid times (stopped raiding end of cata then couldn't make US raid times) Picked up monk as mistweaver and really keen on getting back into the hardcore raiding scene currently 514ilvl if interested can talk more in game avaialble to server xfer whenever i find a suitable guild. (also have 5 other 90s but prefer warrior/monk)
Bump -

Now recruiting one HEALS and one AGI DPS for Group 2!

Looking to trial this Friday, 8.00 pm ST.
Raid times look pretty good, I don't suppose you would consider a 526 H Pally?
We already have a H Pally and would prefer a mixed comp, sorry!
hi there, any chance of a slot for a plate dps?
resto shaman? your time is +10 gmt right?

i am willing to xfer and provide testimonial on my raid awareness and attendance.
I been pretty lax this whole xpac due to personal reasons. but that has all changed. fire up and ready now.

I am free of those now and am looking for a weekend night 25m raid thats +10 gmt your time sounds awesome for me. Also looking for one that has the ambition to work for heroic garrosh. i really want that mount lol and am willing to work hard for it. i know you are semi hardcore but as long as we can work and will reach h garrosh i will continue to turn up.

i would like to think i play my class pretty well but always room for improvements. I really love shaman and i have 3. 2 are level 90 and one at level 87... all are resto 2 with enhance os and 1 with ele...

anyhow you can check my armory so i dont think i need to report my ilvl and xp.
Would u consider a 543 fdk?
Please note that we are only recruiting an AGI DPS for the last DPS Spot (preferably a class on the Vanquisher token).

Shellfish, Please clarify if it is Group 1 or Group 2 you are interested in, as Group 1 are looking for a Resto Shaman specifically. To answer some of your points:-

  • We are a 10 man raiding guild with two teams, not a 25 man. The '25' in the subject line of the post is indicative of being a level 25 guild, I apologise for any confusion.
  • As we only raid 6 hours a week (for Group 2 normal modes), our progression will naturally slower than others that raid, say, 16 hours + a week. In saying that, we will try and get down as much as we can in the two nights, aiming for 1 - 2 new progression bosses a week. We are in no mad rush to get to Heroic Garrosh, but if we do it will be more like 'icing on the cake', not an ultimate goal.
  • About Frostmourne's server times:
    "Time Zone - AEST[During Winter] & AEDT[During Summer] (For those who don't know, they mean Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Time) GMT+10 and GMT+11 hours respectively."

    Let me know if you are still interested, and we can have a chat in game.
    Oh, cause i look at your advert page,

    Group 2
    - Healer (Druid/Shaman/Priest) - DPS O/S preferable but not required

    I was interested in the weekend raiding thats why i responded. yeah my bad, i saw the 25 as in i thought you guys are a 25 men.

    I am from melbourne, but i have always played in us servers. I always raid in the morning our time to suit the americans but i cant do that anymore. Need something thats "normal timezone", weekend and really going to work on h garrosh to farm that mount. (dont have to rush there, just have to get there lol)

    but yeah, as a resto i prefer 25 man, 10 men are undesirable for us, i get sniped like crazy by absorbs.

    Edit: this is me shellfish, i didnt notice armory has me on another toon before i posted sorry for confusion if any
    Le Bump, Lookin For resto heals or priest heals.
    Bump. Now looking for a RANGED (Boomy or Lock).
    Bump. Group 2 needs a resto druid.
    Bump - in need of a ranged DPS (Warlock/Boom/Spriest/Ele Sham) and healer (Priest/Shaman) for Group 2 (Fri/Sat nights).

    Trials starting this week.

    Updated Raid Times for Group 2 - now raiding 8 hours a week as opposed to 6.

    Group 2 is in need of Ranged DPS and a Healer.
    Bump - updated progression, just after Heals now.
    Bump - updated to reflect Group 1's progression.
    Still in need of a healer (priest/pally) for Group 2.

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