tanking with ret stats

can u use White Tiger Battlegear as a tanking set

White Tiger Plate. Available in LFR.
You can use certain pieces from the ret set as tank gear, but there's no specific reason to use it over any other 483 gear with hit/expertise/haste/mastery.

Also, the chest/gloves have crit on them, which isn't useful for Prot.
can u use White Tiger Battlegear as a tanking set

Non-teir Ret gear is almost always better than Prot gear since avoidance stats are not the way to gear. You will need to change your loot type boss by boss to get the pieces you want.

At your ilvl, take the prot version, you'll replace it once you hit ToT LFR, but the set bonus can be helpful when you are learning.

As far as your gear goes, get rid of the stam gems...you don't need them.

Get hit capped, 7.5%, get Exp capped, 15% - this is priority 1

Then start enchanting/gemming for haste>mastery.

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/76667 - Wicked vermilion Onyx are good for hitting the Exp cap and gaining haste.

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