LFM for regular Challenge Mode group

I have 3 toons ATM that I'm looking to get all of the silvers for. Gold at least for my main. If you are committed, add Reignmaker#1567. Have invis pots and some prior experience. Watching vids of gold runs is expected.
havent looked much into cm's this xpac but willing to do what needs to be done, im ms ret/os prot btag darkflare#6399 also have alts for other groups if needed.
Adding you, but as a general comment, when do you run these?
Depends on iD friends...some run at night, some run on weekend days
Just found this.

Sent you an add, Let me know what times suit you and we can discuss.
got 3 gold cms, should probably get around to working on the rest. bm spec/gear prepped, and i've got the surv gear in the bank that i can change at a whim with for places like Stormstout Brewery. this time i'm far better geared/practiced/experienced so forth.

can do weeknights, rather these planned. they can be 1 shot or take 2-3 hours.

Side note: ignore current gear, having fun with something.
9/9 Gold on my lock, looking for at least all silvers on my rogue, and possibly disc. Will add you tonight.

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