Aussie LF Oceanic Raiding Guild! [A/H]

Hi guys, I'm looking for an Australian raiding guild 10/25 normal/heroic @ tot. I've recently taken interest in raiding full time, I'm looking to move to an Oceanic Server horde or alliance for the purpose of raiding current content normal and to progress into heroic content. I have: Frost / Unholy Death knight 490~, MW / WW Monk 490~, Fire Mage 490~, Resto druid 480~, Shadow Priest 480~, BM / Surv Hunter 470~, resto / Ele shaman 480~, and low geared Rogue, warrior and Paladin, I'm most attuned to Ranged dps and healing.

I'm looking to move one of these characters to a new server as alliance or horde, I'm a moderately skilled player (currently 9/9 x3 Gold Challenge mode as dps / tank) and have raiding exp dating back to TBC, I'm a fast learner in pve and i ask people to look past my gear and choose me for the player i am.

I can raid Any day of the week 4pm - 1am~ (+0800 UTC), I have Vent, mumble and skype, Please leave a post if you're looking for a mature pve raider for full time and/or hardcore current and progression raiding.
Hey Nil,

We may be interested in having you on board. We are only 12/12. We have had issues with turnouts for the past few weeks currently having 11-12 raiders but due to busy schedules we often don't have the numbers.
If you are interested or would like to find out more have a chat with myself, lapetius (GM) or deri in game.
We are almost at the numbers we need to progress as the servers 2nd horde side 25m guild.

Our raid times/days are 5:45pm ST to 8:30pm ST Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

To be considered core you must be able to raid 3/4 days.

We offer free raid food, raid repairs, and a permanent core progression spot assuming your attendance is acceptional.

Apply at our website @
Or you can PST any of the following.

Kathadus, Saico, Adelphia, Squishy
G'day Lihilus,

We recently lost our excellent resto shaman to real life and are on the look out for a replacement!

We're 2/13H and raid Mon, Wed & Thurs, 7.30 - 10.30 pm. We have a stable, mature team with a progression focus, but don't mind a few laughs along the way.

You can apply at or whisper me in game.


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