ilvl 494 Spirest LF Raiding Guild

Bleeding Hollow

I have been wanting to find a raiding guild on this server for awhile now but haven't been on since I haven't found anything yet so my gear is kinda shotty. I'll probably stay on my horde realm until I find a guild worth working my gear up for otherwise I'll just wait until next expansion I really don't care.


I have great raid awareness and know my class fairly well since I've been playing spriest since BC. I know my soft caps and what my 4pc set is for. I study all my fights and I put a lot of time into dummies and practice my rotation with MFClip to reach maximal dps for my gear. I'll be that one DPS hiding in the background that the raid leader doesn't even know about because he doesn't have to yell at me for messing up. I want progression and I want decently great progression perhaps maybe just when "Bad Luck" reigns down upon us is when we only wipe. I'm not a jerk I'm pretty laid back but I expect others to know their class and rotation and dream about it as well.

As of 23 June 2013 I am currently without a guild. Don't let the tag under my name fool ya. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this post and really looking forward to becoming an Alliance again!

LF Guild who raids during days or any day except Tuesday-Thursday because those days I'm tanking ToT.
Update: 494 ilvl

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