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Good morning all, I am currently looking to find a dedicated few to complete the Gold achievement for Challenge Modes.

If you are interested in this and are Alliance (obviously) Chuck an expression of interest up in here and I will add you and we can get the show on the road.

544 ret (though ilvl is completly irrelevent) 3/9 gold, exp in all 9.

Avaliable all times except Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon 8pm - 12am server time
521 prot pally 4/9 gold exp.

available almost all the time except for tuesday's and thursday's (6PM - 11PM CST)

Are you guys on my battlegroup? I've tried to add but not found....?
My btag is chuckster83#1382
I got a Brew/WW, hunter or warlock i can bring all 519+
BattleTag: FatnLazy#1331
Small amount of exp in challenge modes, no golds but i'm really interested in progressing towards full gold with a solid group. Battletag is Entari#1953

Contact me if in need of a warlock :)
Holy/disc priest if u need heal. Will#2935
507ilvl rogue can be mut or combat , would love to come along gorehound#1667.
free after 7pm svt week nights or anytime weekends
492 hpal ( 9/9 realm first gold xp PLAYING FROM MY ALT ACCOUNT) MattL#6680
538 ilvl rogue

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