Hey, long time player needs help

hey last logged my pally at lvl 73 and did not play for the last 5 years or so.
I have now lvl'd him to 78 and made myself a whole set of plate and sword and board ( or hammer ).

My old lvl 70 raid gear has been replaced and either sold or stored.

I chose (at lvl 73) to go protection and have grabbed the new talents glyphs etc and am amazed how well Brell does. I do get one shotted by ?? hordies as I mined my way to 78
but now I am sporting a complete Spiked suit etc and ready to go ???

this is where I need help , my old guild is all but defunct LOA, and where to , what to do.

I suppose I should quest my way to 90 and keep my mining skills and Blacksmithy skills max'd.

then raid my way to better gear???

Yes. Level to 90, gear up, try and find a raid guild if you can (or want) or do LFR. Or PvP, or whatever you want to do.
ok here is me pally, still trying to rember how shizznit works in this game/forum, hehe

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