Who Has The "Best" Paladin Transmogrification

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I think mine is pretty neat. I wouldn't say it's the best though.
gold is the new black
The axe isn't mogged, but I've always loved the rest of this set.
I do.
i really like my xmog just need a decent belt
I am still in love with Dreadnaughts.
I like mine. Its DKish but I like the whole evil Paladin thing.
Mins is xpac appropriate :)
I hate that I can't transmog the legendary cloak, but I still like my set. Just need a better belt.
best ho0ker mog right here
I like my current set that I made on a whim. Wish I had better boots and cape to match the set. Riding a Purple Riding Nether Ray for better effect XD
I really like mine actually :)
gold is the new black

Why settle for just one?
Wished my belt showed its animation or at least a glow in the armory.
still need boot's and belt they never drop
I do!
No i do.
Tankadin xmogging is best xmogging
i got best plate bikini armor going
I like mine ^.^

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