Who Has The "Best" Paladin Transmogrification

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It's okay everyone, I am here now. The search is over.


i really like the holy look of mine :)
if only I logged out in my prot gear,
I made a point to make it as awful looking as possible
Stevie Wonder did your wardrobe?
hola :)
I like mine. However I still think the challenge mode gear for paladins is the best looking set in the game. I haven't found a group for it though.
I have braved countless runs with low DPS, afk healers and shody co-tanks. I now have the best transmog available right now, hands down. Earned through sweat, tears, blood and multiple carries of 24 other completely incompetent peeps.
Missing the gloves but w/e.

Long live the Judgement set!
*Takes a bow* Thanks everyone!

I'm partial to mine! :P
gg no re
Got sick of my cmode set, got sick of my field marshal set, DK T15 Lookalike set, all my sets...

Playing around with this, thoughts?
The long seek is over best mog is here<
Actually a Human paladin but all my swag squashed my legs.
I just finished my first mog ever yesterday >.> I didn't think I'd ever do it, and now I'm planning the other 3 weapons I want to keep on hand so I can switch them out with this set. A monster has been created.

Got to love the Wrathfull

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