Who Has The "Best" Paladin Transmogrification

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What's good
Even though mine might be generic in a way I still think I look badass on my Grand Armored Gryphon with wings popped and this set on.

I'm almost as confused as when I saw a DK in full Judgement recolor. I can't even tell classes apart anymore! lol
Best is really what's important to the wearer.
think mine is pretty smexy!
Mine is probably the hottest one out there. /Lick finger, tttssssss

See it's funny cus it's fire themed.
I like mine but my only complaint is the helm isn't the same color as the set >_>
Oh you silly Paladins.
I like my holy DK look xD
At least I can finally say I am wearing paladin gear instead of xmogging to look like a warrior.
No one stands a chance to be the best looking Paladin.
9/10..I like it a lot, It's simple but matches really well.
I am a paladin.
*coff coff*
light is my strength
Keeping it oldschool.
Hey, what's up?
I think "best" is an awfully vague term to use.

As for my set, I've been told all ends of the spectrum, some love it, some believe that helm is the ugliest thing on earth, in and of itself it probably is ugly, but it seems to fit my set well along with norushen's shield.

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