Who Has The "Best" Paladin Transmogrification

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I thought I heard The Avengers calling... Thor reporting in! (My previous T-mog)

Murdaus thats pretty sic brotha !!

Awwwwwww you're so adorable you look like a little mad smurf!!!!

My xmog is pretty sick, but I am not currently wearing it. I am a ninja. That is all.
I really like mine a lot.
I like how mine turned out.
If I could get a helm that would work for this better, I'd say mine.
I like how mine turned out.

mines better cuz i exmogged my bracers. (yes you can actually see the bracers)

but my favorite is

which you can't obtain anymore :(

(it's the chest piece in the blood elf chick picture i like)
Just kickin it old school cept bracers razorgore is not my friend. But in all honestly paladins have such a wide variety of awesome looking sets its just not fair to other classes. =P
Your transmog makes me want to rush into battle screaming "IM THE JUGGERNAUGHT B!%#&"

This is my random ret gear, dosent have a matching set (though the sword is to match my pvp armour which i think it matches VERY well)

PvE Transmog is Crystal Forged (Tier 5) with heroic Shield from bethtilac and the re-skin of End of Dreams from naxxx (maexxanas femur i think now?)
still missing t3 chest, legs, belt for my transmog :(

We're almost twins! :)
I really like mine. Not very elaborate but I just wanted something simple without going too simple/realistic.
I don't have the best Paladin transmog, but I do have the best Sunwalker transmog.
I need opinions about this new cloak of mine. What do you think ?

Your transmog makes me want to rush into battle screaming "IM THE JUGGERNAUGHT B!%#&"

I've been on the battlefield with Seven many times and I can tell you his xmog definitely makes him want to rush in shouting something... I couldn't really hear what it was tho under the sound of my own screams!

I think it had something to do with either justice or rainbows, yes. Definitely justice or rainbows.
Id equip mine to show you but im currently facing the rather difficult Area 52 queue time boss.

No one told me it was heroic mode today either

Its mostly Pally T11 (reinforced Sapphirim) and matching cape off twin demons in BT and Netherbane and the Heroic shield off ICC airship fight
Mines obviously the best.....

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