Who Has The "Best" Paladin Transmogrification

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Just one of my 4 sets I use depending on if im holy or ret and in pvp or pve build.
Still I like all four of my set this one included, hate all you want im a mean looking pally!
This doesn't work quite as well on the armory as it does in-game, what with the helm and shoulders not being lit up.

I'm quite fond of mine. An over-used model with an under-used color. I have to say, I have not seen anyone else use the full mog anywhere yet.

Aye, a fine set from the pre-Lich King special drops in the Plaguelands...likely never to be seen again.
Personal fan of FL gear. But a lot of the gear on this post is nice looking as well.
I like mine... its very angelic^^
I like mine... its very angelic^^

@Candy, I like your set (and I typically don't like that helm, but you make it work well), but I think that the weapon could be a little more... angelic?
Mine's not really unique or anything, but I think it looks really good with my character.

Especially the Libram on her belt (although Armory doesn't show it!) - I'd always imagined my Paladin carrying around a journal of some sort since the beginning, so it has some dual-functionality in my mind. ;D

Simple sword and shield since she admires the tenacity and faith Human Paladins have in "their Light".
Mine is the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Deal with it nerds.

Got tired of all the blood stains so I just roll with black. Easy to keep clean
Judge me.

get it?

Argent Champion reporting in.
Sexiest Pally checking in.
Not the best but I really like this pvp mog.
I have arrived, this thread is over.
me >

i'm pretty
Got tired of all the blood stains so I just roll with black. Easy to keep clean

Diggin it Deathflash... Don't see enough dark mogs. Even a pally has a dark day every now and again.
Check it. Had this when I was a Blood Elf, but I think it transitioned to dwarf pretty well... at least as much as anything could. :D
Nothing great. : p
Im sorry Im here to steal the THUNDER

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