Who Has The "Best" Paladin Transmogrification

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No one ever remembers the sunwell.

Except you and I apparently.
Just call me The Purple Pally
Avenger of the weak and the light in the darkness reporting for duty!

*blinds everyone with shiny armor*
Sorry I am late, but here is the best transmog. You're welcome.
I'm here now okay?
I'm quite fond of mine. An over-used model with an under-used color. I have to say, I have not seen anyone else use the full mog anywhere yet.

Really nice. I wish I had kept mine.
I like my "understated" look. I think most armor in WoW is too much flash and would never work as practical armor. I think my set looks like something someone might actually use.
I'm a fan of blue DK look

< --- Teal is 'in'. Matching weapon to boot!
Basque in my glorious, elfy radiance!
Going for the purple recolor of Tier 2. Need chest and shoulders.

Does anyone know if I can change my model? I know they took it away but you can't see my chest gear. I wish they put it back to the generic.
Sorry but none of you have the best. Neither do I.


Simply better then anyone. I hope she doesn't mind me posting her here.

(btw it isn't "calling out" a player if it is a positive remark)
I hardly claim that mine is best, but it does look great on my character. I also am totally claiming lore points for my sword.
hardly enough Paladins in the forest nowadays.....
the Druids can't have all the fun
Seems that Blood Knights are few and far between among the Blood Elves.
Hello there ^^

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