Who Has The "Best" Paladin Transmogrification

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No its me! =)

I'm rather partial to my set!
I really like mine, i know i don't look like a pally but just wanted to make a set with my blood knight tabard.
Still working on mine. Farming the recolored Judgement set. And yes, that weapon is transmogged from TUF. I roll old school.

This pally used to be human (back in 2006), so she has the entire Field Marshall set, which looked great on my blonde-headed human, but awkward on my blue space goat. :-)
Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 6 are my personal favorite, best is subjective.
I enjoy mine but there isn't a best Xmog, everyone has different opinions.
The paladin challenge mode set is, in my modest opinion, the best armor set available in the game. So... Any one who has that gets my vote.
I like mine a lot, but the belt doesn't match. Probably can't see it due to the armory position, but it's the crafted PvP belt. I like the libram on it :D.
Idk about best but mine sure does match pretty well.
There all beautiful, but I've yet to see a reason to change my mog to anything else.

#1 female paladin mog!! :P
I know this set is common, but damn the sword and gear compliment each other well.
i like my bikini armor set with ma sun lute
Crystalforge is the best XMog. :D
I wouldn't label mine as being the best, but I like it. Well, except for the sword. I really need a better sword. >.< If I can find the time, I'm going to try and farm Firelands for Zoid's Firelit Greatsword, or simply amass as much Honor as I need for Cataclysmic Gladiator's Greatsword.

I think they fit the fiery red theme I have going on.

You sound just like me omg.

I have a Zoid's on this Paladin, but I haven't been using a Firelands set for a while, but, I'd like a Zoid's on my alt paladin just because it looks so good, even if it wouldn't match the set I have on her.
I do and I am not even a paladin. Fear my helm.

#1 female paladin mog!! :P

Is mine, thanks dear.
I love mine. My best attempt at a plate ninja. Not very "pally like" but oh well.

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