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I have been playing on and off since vanilla and have years of experience with world of Warcraft. I am looking for a few people who want to start new characters on an oceanic realm. You don't have to be experienced coz im patient and willing to help the group in any way i can, im bored of leveling by my self and would like some company. If you like to have fun, muck around and do random junk for !@#$s and giggles while casually leveling then this just might be the most epicest quest you will ever accept. Add my real id LoflMonster#1769, send me some in game mail or even respond to this post and ill get back to you.... eventually =P
Im interested. Looking to make a new toon and some new friends.
hey im keen aswell, my characters are on jubei also so it'll make things alittle easier:)
well i am looking for a new realm i am getting tired of my one, if you guys are all keen on this idea i would love to join you's :)
I would be more than happy to join anyone, I play on Saurfang but if someone wants to start again i would love to join you.
id love to join you guys, i tried to add you but LoflMonster#1769 doesnt seem to work, anyway get back to me when you can :)
LofLmonster#1769 should work
aiming to start leveling this week on wednsday. probs going jubei horde side to level a guild while we do our stuff but nothing is set in stone yet till i hear from everyone about what they want to do. add me in game so i can set up the last details like what class and role you would like to play. i will be on monday at around 4:30 pm svt.
Hi there,
a group of 4 mates have just setup on Dath Remar (Horde). We are currently lvl 25 and leveling with refer a friend XP bonus linked between all of us. 3 of us haven't played since BC and have just started new accounts.

Enjoying our time back in Azoroth so far and would be happy to have more people join us for the ride if interested. We have a casual focus and unlikely to ever raid ect, but hope to complete as much as we can in regards to other parts of the game. Couple of us enjoy pvp, we all love dungeons!

If anyone is interested in having a couple of friendly ppl to explore and level with send me a PST in game. (oh and if it matters, we are aged from 30-50)
I'm tempted. I just came back after years of not playing or barely playing. My US server (Windrunner) is a ghost town hordeside even during north american hours.

I had a 60ish priest from back in Vanilla raiding days on Khazgoroth and foolishly transferred it off to Windrunner. Massively regretting that decision right now.
interesting. what faction will you be on?
you still looking to do so? if not is anyone in this post still willing to do so ?
I'm interested Barthalis horde pst me - Bedlex. I am online as we speak level 7
anyone still interested ? starting today
I to also love long walks on the beach.
Im also looking for some people to level with. You don't have to come to my server, We could battletag if you would like. I have full boa for just about all classes. Let me know if you wanna play together, Also I have a 62 shaman im leveling if anyone that level has an alliance.
Im on sentinels realm
So many peeps replied to this post You should make a guild

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