Picking up ret

Hey there pallies, I am making a paladin for funsies and was wondering if ret is hard to pick up 85+ because I plan to do most of my leveling as prot.
Not terribly difficult, no; If you wait until at least 81 to try Ret, you shouldn't really have any difficulties whatsoever.
Thanks for the quick reply!
Not hard really. FCFS rotation still. if you do it right you can top dps charts most of the time. Well for me anyway.
A lot of abilities are shared or have equivalents. Ret has to juggle Inquisition where Prot doesn't, but it's basically the same.

Crusader Strike is shared, Hammer of the Righteous is shared, Judgment is shared, Mass Exorcism and Holy Wrath are similar, Templar's Verdict and Shield of the Righteous are similar, Hammer of Wrath is shared...

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