Noob Paladin in Need of Help.

Hello Paladin forum,
I am having trouble with my skill level as a ret paladin. Despite reading up on how to play ret on noxxic and icy veins, I feel like I am still playing the class wrong.

At this point in time I feel very week compared to others. I know that I'm missing aspects of gear such as gems, enchant, ect, but by this time gear wise my warrior and DK were able to hold their own in BGs.

My main problem seems to be holy power management (way more difficult than warrior and DK resource management). I feel it takes me much too long to ramp up into combat. I understand that I need to try to have Inquisition up as much as possible (without it I hit like I'm using a wet noodle) but I find myself waiting on one of my holy power generating spells to get off of cool down too often (which is a result of low haste?). I'm at the point where I can buy my tyrannical weapon but I feel like throwing the towel in and going holy and buying the spell sword and shield instead. I've always wanted to try and play ret because of their survivability and crazy burst in arenas.

I was looking to see if someone could offer assistance or direct me to something that could help me.

Thank you.
I will try and answer majority of the questions you've came with.

1. Getting a weapon is priority!! That should be the first thing you try to get! That alone will increase the damage you do by a significant amount. The tyrannical weapon alone will do wonders for you so definitely get it! Also to help increase damage is the pvp power with the on use strength or the proc strength will help your damage a lot as well. Either on is good, it's just all about preference. The on use gives control, the proc gives more strength but is more random.

2. Holy power
Like you said always keep inquisition up. After that do whatever you can to generate holy power. Slow holy power generating is strictly low haste and low gear. Ret is extremely dependent on gear so you will not be so great with lower ilvl gear and low haste but as you get higher haste and higher gear, you will certainly see an increase and have less waiting time for your holy power generators, therefore more damage. While you still have low haste a great talent, if you haven't gotten it already is holy prism. It has a short cd, provides burst damage control, a way to hit people out of range, and a good filler. So if you haven't speced into that I highly recommend it (also gives a decent heal :D)

That should answer your questions but if you have anymore just ask :) hopefully this helped you out! :)

P.S - our survivability is alright. I wouldn't say it's great tho. Bubble is the only thing that is that great for us. We do have a few other tools like hand of protection, devotion aura and divine protection but it isn't that great compared to some other classes. Being able to off heal with selfless healer does help a lot however!

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