TF Chest worth losing 4-piece (ret)

I got lucky last night and won the roll on the thunderforged Chestplate of Violent Detonation ( ) in a pug group. However, in order to equip it I would lose my 4 piece bonus. all of my set pieces are LFR -shoulders Shadowpan assault rep- Should I wait until I can get my 4 piece again before equipping chest, or are the stat buffs in the item worth putting on the shoulders now?
What LFR tier pieces do you have?

If you're using the TF chest over LFR tier, it's probably not worth it.

The t15 4 set is pretty good, and the stats on the Ret tier chest are much more attractive for both Prot and Retribution. Good socket bonus, 3 sockets, and good stats.
40% for holy TV set bonus set trumps that peice of gear, trust me. t15 4 peice is the beezneez.
Ret's set bonuses have all been really good this expansion; mere item level increases are typically not strong enough to be replacing set bonuses - especially not the 4pT15 bonus.
That's an awful chest to begin with, keep 4p
That's an awful chest to begin with, keep 4p

Definatly this too, i can understand if it was Haste/expertise, since you're under cap, or haste/mastery. But it's really not helping you much at all.

keep 4peice.
Paladin's obviously need more hit gear this tier.

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