Gear Check for LFR

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you could look over my gear and let me know your thoughts? I am looking to start LFR.

I went for more DPS stats since I'll only be doing LFR and farming heroics. I could always switch to more avoidance if you think it's too low, I'm not quite sure which is good at this level.
If you have tanking gear on, and you reach the item level requirement, you're ready for LFR.
But how does my avoidance look?
You'll be fine for the first few parts of LFR.

If anything, at that gear level I might choose not to pursue the hit/exp caps, you'd be losing on a bit more survival stats which could help.

Dodge/parry are pretty much, all the way around unattractive and I won't recommend ever reforging or gemming for it.

You either want haste or mastery, and even if you choose to go mastery, haste is still prioritized over dodge/parry. You'll probably want to set your loot specialization to Ret for the majority of LFR, since Prot isn't eligible to receive haste gear.

If you're unsure of anything, it's probably a good idea to read the Protection sticky at the top of the forum.
Why in the world is dodge/parry useless? I also noticed the lack of gear that drops with those stats on it, IE: weapons. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me, why in the world do we not want avoidance stats?
No tanks really want avoidance, it's an out-dated system, and I won't be surprised if they remove those stats entirely next expansion.

They aren't useless stats, you'll get a bit of TDR from them, but it's not predictable, where as mastery/haste lead to a much smoother intake of damage, and are reliable stats to stack.
It's not bad if gear has it on it, necessarily, but you don't really want to reforge or gem it. If you can completely avoid dodge/parry, hit/exp/mastery/haste are all much better stats.

I suppose if you are playing really poorly, an avoidance build might be somewhat attractive. Even then, I wouldn't recommend it.
So if I'm understanding you correctly... I now have to fight with DPS for gear?
Not really, if your goal is mainly just LFR/Dungeons/scenarios.

Pretty much just Rets / DKs for organized raiding.

Would it even make a difference in LFD anyways? The loot system isn't exactly mainspec > offspec.

Crit is still a terrible stat for Protection

You don't fight for gear in LFR anyways, you'll just have to change your loot specialization for fights where you want haste/mastery gear.

You can still run dodge/parry, or a build without haste, the thing is, it's just inferior, but its perfectly fine. I'm not going to tell you to do something that would limit yourself though
If LFR is your end game in the first place, it shouldn't make a difference.
LFR is not my end game. I'm just starting to gear out my paladin. I plan on raiding but want to get comfortable with LFR before hitting normal.

So I should choose DPS as my specialization then to get the haste/mastery gear. OK. Any other advice? This is all news to me, I've been out of the game for quite some time now.
Just a little confused I suppose because of your opening statement =p

I can really only offer some basic advice, you can choose to do whatever you want with it.

As far as stamina is concerned, whatever is on your gear should be enough, but if you're getting killed before healers can react, you probably need more. You should be free to gem pure haste / mastery or expertise, for most 10m normal and heroic raiding, and all of LFR. You may have to get more stamina, or use stamina trinkets for heroics fights.

As far as gearing up, here are a few things I can suggest:
Get the 522 shado-pan trinket with expertise on it for 1750 valor points
The necklace / cloak from shado-pan ( the ones that I have on right now ) are very attractive for Prot, and are nice options as well

A few of the honor pieces ( 476 epics ) might be an upgrade over what you have, iirc there is a mastery/hit ring, haste/expertise shoulders etc, so they are always worth looking at and might help you in getting into Throne of Thunder LFR

There should be a quest you can do for some free 502 boots, I think it starts in Vale, might require a 480 ilvl too, I'm not positive on that one.

Really, just make sure you are aware of what each boss drops in LFR, and have your loot specialization set accordingly. Some bosses might not matter, Spirit Kings for example has a good chest and shield for Prot, comes down to whatever is a bigger upgrade, but its the only shield available pre-ToT.

The only other thing I can suggest is to make sure you get on the Isle of Thunder, and get your Key to the Palace of Lei Shen, you should be able to get almost 20 Elder charms from the scenario and the 3 incantations.

As Prot, you're looking specifically for haste and mastery - as per preference, either works - in addition to hit and expertise. Reason for haste being so attractive is that Prot got Ret's Sanctity of Battle, which causes haste to reduce ACDs (that is, ability cooldowns) and your GCD. This leads to a faster rotation, which means more Holy Power more frequently, which means greater uptime on Shield of the Righteous' damage reduction buff.

Mastery is still a viable way to tank, though, as it increases block chance, strength of the SotR buff, size of WoG, etc. The real tradeoff is strength of defenses vs. consistency of defenses - more SotRs vs. stronger SotRs. Haste also has the fringe benefit of increasing your DPS
Great advice everybody! I'll definitely start fixing my gear right away.
I had another quick question... in LFR, you said I don't roll for loot? I'm confused, how is loot handled in LFR now?
Loot in LFR is handled individually - that is, the LFR loot system determine if you get loot, then decides what you get. Your loot chance is completely independent of the rest of the group.
Also what do you think of these stat weights?

What should I change?
Anyone? Stat weights?
Like carbuncle said, dont focus in those stats for now if you are doing lfr to gear up to do normal later, just spam lfr until you have 500 ilvl, then you start to work with you stats because its time to do normal raid.

If you have issue to gear up, read this guide
Those stat weights are fine. The general stat priority is is hit and expertise caps, then haste and mastery in whichever order you prefer, and then dodge and parry are last. Stam is a comfort-level stat. Str is very roughly equal to parry (and typically not in direct competition anyways). And armor's value is often irrelevant since it only varies by ilevel and there are no armor gems or enchants (ie it's important, but you don't really have anything to say about how much you have).

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