Can anyone look over my gear and offer me some tips? My DPS is really low and I usually get kicked for it. Even though I'm level 90 and I should know my class by now, I can really use some help on increasing my DPS and fixing my gear Im not even sue what attributes I should be paying atention to as a retribution paladin. I sorta want to do both PVP and PVE. Is there any way to make the best of both worlds? (leaning towards PVE a little). All help is appreciated.

P.S.- If there is gear that I need that cant be obtained from raids or dungeons, where can I get it? Auction House, Justice Quartermaster etc...
If your really wanna do great dps, you should see to it that your gear has Strength and not Spirit and Intellect. I can see that your gear is pretty much for a healing pally rather than a dps pally. That's why you have low dps. And as a 90, always keep your expertise and hit capped to (7.50) as much as possible. Actually, you can start getting ilvl 463 blue gear from heroic dungeons. Don't waste gold on Auction Houses or waste Justice Points in getting 458 gear. Just do heroic dungeons if your a PvE guy. And remember that ret pallies are very gear dependent so don't doubt when you have low dps than the other classes. Once you are well geared, you'll see some changes. Reforge the weakest stat (Crit) to Expertise or Hit, or if you reached 7.50, you can reforge it to either Haste(recommended) or Mastery. You can research more about pallies on other sites like,

This site will help you out a lot in learning your class. Enjoy!
Tiberiuss makes all the right points, one thing you might want to do before hitting the heroics though is replace your intellect pieces, low dps alone won't usually get you kicked, but when people see you are wearing the wrong gear, then they are more likely to kick. If you at least get out of those this should help the getting kicked problem.

Don't worry about the expensive gems until you start getting pieces that you will be holding onto for awhile, if you have the gold you can buy the cheaper versions. Convert your justice points to honor, and buy from the Honor quartermaster, you can get some 476 pieces this way that will help you out as well. The PVP stats are "free" and don't affect the stat budget for the item.

Questing in Dread Wastes is a good way to get a few 440 pieces that are for your spec, and make some gold to buy some of the other pieces.
Thanks so much for the help guys! Really good advice! I'll get to work right away:)

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