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I was flying on my mount and wanted to know how fast i was traveling so here you go:

constant: given a measured 100 yard surface produced by a mage's blink ability (covers 20yds) 5 times over while following a straight line marked on the ground twice checked.

given: 492% mount speed with cloud serpent
travels 100 yards in 3 seconds
(this time measurement is more than likely slow by a few 10ths of a second, my estimated real time would be 2.75 - 2.8 seconds per 100 yds. To match up with walking speed, the flying mount should travel at 73.8mph but I do not have any recorded proof)

(100 yards = 3 seconds of travel) = a
given: 60/3 = 20
a x 20 = 2000 yards a minute

given: 1 mile is equal to 1760 yards
2000yds/1760yds is 1.13 miles per minute

1.13 miles per minute x 60 minutes

conclusion: a flying mount at 492% travels at 67.8 MPH

this is the fastest instance in which a player can individually control a character.

given: my walking speed on birdcage is 108%
I travel 100 yards in an average of 13.63 seconds
measured 3 times with assistance

60 secs in a minute / 13.63 travel time = 4.4 or 440 yards a minute

440 yards in a minute x 60 minutes in an hour = 26400 yards per hour

given: 1760 yards is 1 mile
26,400 yards/1760

conclusion: a toon at 108% walking speed travels at 15mph

- Ursan Bolt the world's fastest sprinter runs a 100m at 23.35 mph
- the average adult runs a 100 yds at 8mph
- Micheal Vick the fastest sprinter in the NFL runs at 23.63 mph for 40 yds
Well I for one found it interesting and appreciate the work >_>
So how about my stealth+Burst+NitroBelt which nets me about 485% runspeed?

Puts me about 67.36 MPH, if your calculations are correct.
assuming that they are correct (didn't heavily verify them)

67.8 constant
485 is 98.6% of 492
so 98.6% of 67.8 is 66.85mph is how fast you travel

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