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About Us

Lone Wolf Pack (LWP) is a 10 man raiding guild which was created during Wrath, and has progressed on through Cataclysm 8/8H & 6/7H in FL. Current expansion we have cleared 16/16 normal modes pre 5.2, 6/13H in ToT and 3/14h in SoO.

We are a focused group of individuals who enjoy our chosen classes and specs and take great pride in being up to date with the latest news concerning our said roles, boss encounters and changes to the game. We have one core team of raiders who show up day in day out for progression and it is something that we greatly enjoy.

What we are looking for:

We are currently looking for an exceptional non-pally healer & a melee DPS.

What we expect from our applicants:

- Have a extensive understanding of their class, spec and the mechanics of the game (we are not here to teach players what they should already know)
- Be able to commit to our raid times of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:30 to 10:30pm AEST.
- Have a good attitude toward raiding especially learning new content with a high degree of difficulty.

If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of I would love to hear from you via RealID communication, speak with one of our officers on Saurfang, or let us know of your interest via this thread, 30 mins before one of the raid times listed would be the best time to catch me online, but i have no issues being contacted outside of that either.

Thank you for your time
Battle tag: jkhan#1689
hey im obv not an ele sham.. but im 526 ilvl survival hunter LF raid grp.. recently xfered from thaurissan LF a better suited raid time. i have 9/12 N exp and 1/13 HM exp.

BT: Ashtay#1840
Still looking for an ele shaman/hunter/spriest/boomkin
Hello, I have a geared enough hunter, 526 ilvl, LF Serious Raiding Guild, realm I am on is dead, and raiding is too casual for decent progression.

Raided HC in FL, DS< WOTLK,

2 of us LF Decent solid raiding guild.

Myself a hunter, bitterarrows, on horde, gundrak
and a diff person the ele shammy no os heals, pure dps, shamncheese same realm.

If there is only room for one dps then it would be me, the hunter applying.

You can either reply here or get me on my alt rogue thats online often, named peekieboo

Hope to hear from you soon, cheers!
Hiya mate, thanks for your message. I will be online around 6:45-7:00 pm tonight & we can have a chat. As for your shammy friend. I think we have a core spot for him too. But I need to double check with my Guild Leader. My real id is jehanzeb.khan@gmail.com

Add me.
Horridon down. Still looking for that awesome Ele Shammy/Boomkin/SPriest.
Rogues online often because it's at the AH camping all day with the other AH alts.
Looking for a bear/blood dk tank.
Still Looking ...
Still looking for a bear/dk tank.
Twins down still looking for an awesome tank.
herd u need Dk tank.
Yes we do. Add my battle tag and we will chat tonight.
Bump looking for an Awesome Mage.
Still looking ...
Still looking for that awesome mage or boomkin to fill in our dps spot.
Bump Still looking for a Mage or Boomy
LF ele shammy, mage and/or boomkin
Still actively looking for a ele shaman/mage and/or boomkin
If you're still after a tank, I'm quickly gearing up this guy. How's that for old time's sake?

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