5.4 trinkets on mmo-champ. 5 "agi trinkets"

no name syet

Equip: Increases the cooldown recovery rate of six of your major abilities by 39%. Effective for Agility-based damage roles only.
Equip: Your attacks have a chance to grant you 11,761 Agility for 20 sec.

+1,959 Haste (4.61% at L90)
Equip: Your attacks have a 9.9% chance to trigger Multistrike, which deals instant additional damage to your target equal to 1/3 of the original damage dealt.

+1,959 Critical Strike (3.27% at L90)
Equip: Your attacks have a 1.62% chance to Cleave, dealing the same damage to all other nearby targets.

+1,959 Mastery (3.27 at L90)
Equip: Your melee and ranged attacks have a chance to grant you 21,380 Agility for 20 sec. Each melee or ranged attack you make reduces this effect by 1,069 Agility.

1,959 Agility
Equip: When your attacks hit you have a chance to gain 11,761 Mastery for 20 sec.
At the moment I favor 1 and 4

and 4 and 3 for multi target fights or even 4 and 2

lots of options o.o
Of note is also a bloodlust item

Drums of Rage
Item Level 90
Use: Increases melee, ranged, and spell haste by 30% for all party and raid members. Lasts 40 sec.

Allies receiving this effect will become Exhausted and be unable to benefit from Bloodlust, Heroism or Time Warp again for 10 min. (2 min cooldown)
Dang... is this a LW item that only LWss can use, a vendor item, a rep item, a rarespawn drop item?
it has 50 charges, im guessing its LW made and is not bind
Could be like the other drums and require a set LW skill to use, but yea, its looking like this will help hunters not have to run BM to bring hero for some raid teams.
The first trink looks awsome, more BW's, rapid fires, stampedes, hmm, what other cds will be effected.
well I am guessing they are setting up for agi classes and have predetermined the 6 abilities.

So my personal guess

Surv: ES, BA

The remaining 4 will be baseless or talent choices
Dire Beast or Fervor
Murder, Blink, or Lynx
Glaive, Power, or barrage
Strength, tank, and healing specs are also geting the cd reduction trinkets (their own version), havent found the intell dps trinket yet that does it, but it looks like the trinkets available have duplicates for all roles.

That said, these trinkets look awesome.
1 and 4 seem to be the best two that I am seeing.
1 and 4 seem to be the best two that I am seeing.

agreed but combing 4 (strongest of the agi procs) with 3 would give us the strong agi and a nice cleave for aoe encounters.

I would not mind having to swap trinkets for certain fights.
Just some quick math, the second one's (multistrike) proc would net a 3.3% DPS increase (assuming it works with pets) for Single Tar. Would be nice to see how this fares for AoE, if beast cleave can proc it. Could potentially beat the cleave trinket for cleave.

But knowing Blizzard, the trinket probably will not proc off pet attacks / abilities.

"instant additional damage to your target"

Also, if there are fights similar to Protectors of the Endless, this means you could multishot and it has a 9.9% chance to deal 1/3rd of that multishot damage (from all targets) to your current target assuming it works the way I'm guessing it will.
The only dps abilities the first trinket drops are Bestial Wrath, Black Arrow, and Rapid Fire. The rest are disengage, deterrence, and camo.

SV: http://ptr.wowdb.com/spells/145966-readiness

BM: http://ptr.wowdb.com/spells/145964-readiness

MM: http://ptr.wowdb.com/spells/145965-readiness

If you want to see what other classes get, then

Aimed Shot doesn't have a cooldown. Probably Rapid Fire for MM.
+1,959 Critical Strike (3.27% at L90)
Equip: Your attacks have a 1.62% chance to Cleave, dealing the same damage to all other nearby targets.

I wonder if this will spread the effects. Like Explosive Shot.. will it just be the tanslate damage or will the dot be pass don as well?

If so this is the kind of trinket I'd keep for a long time and use it in aoe fights even in the next expac.

hunters lack the ability to easily multi dot and and cleave, the main reason we fall behind the other "pure" dps classes and multi-dotters

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