Trip Mine Trap

I was playing Sniper Elite V2 and thought of hunters getting a trip mine trap, you could hide it behind a doorway and the string would snap and it would blow up on their faces.

(I don't know what the range is for the current traps, so I don't know how useful a trip mine would be)

I don't think they would add this to the game, but it sounded good in my head.
After landing, and arming, traps are stealthed, only a rogue with detect traps, or party members, or geting close, reveal them to an opponent (even other hunters wont see an ememys traps unless right on top of it.) With trap launchter, you can see the projectile, and a sort of elemental nova (similar to frost nova) apearing from the targeted location of the trap.

A trap that did all its damage all at once, would probably have to cost alot of focus, and could be deemed OP all at once, if your looking for the knock back, glyph of explosive trap does that.

the only people who see a hunters trap with ease are allied party members.

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