Would you change "snapshot" dots ?

Simple question.

Would you change the way dots are done now to something more dynamic or would you keep them the way they are as is.

If you liked them changed. Why? What way would you have them changed.

If you would liked them to stay As is. Explain why that is.

I am interested to see what people come up with.
I would change the RPPM trinkets. Snapshotting per se is ok, but combined with these newfangled trinkets...
Snapshotting sucks IMO, because it requires slightly gimmicky play to maximize. (That's the very reason blizzard devs seem to like it, though) Oh well, it's not a huge deal to me either way.
I think they will change it to update on the fly for all stats soon. While UVLS is kinda fun, its supremely OP on some fights. GoSac and UVLS on council is just too fun. I've even gone to this setup on Magaera.

RPPM has its place I think. But it feel really lacking to me. I cant get any trinkets to drop for me outside of LFR, which totally annoys me, but one just does NOT proc on the pull and the other is SUPER finicky on when it procs. Last night actually had it proc 3 times back to back. Was practically useless since it didn't proc again and ended up with reg dooms till we wiped.

I'd like to see all RPPM trinkets changed to where they have an ICD that is a little bit longer than its proc. So that if I do get a proc I know that I have some times before I get another. Not back to back to back then nothing for 3minutes.

Snapshot dots make Affliction (and somewhat the other specs) more fun because it requires paying attention. Making DoTs dynamic would put a lot less emphasis on that, and while there would still be burning cooldowns at times when you have lots of procs to maximize them, you would see the "skill" requirement of the spec go down. It's essentially making DPSing easier when the spec isn't really hard to play anyways. It's a lot like moving active damage (ie: abilities you press) to passive damage (ie: DoTs/white attacks). I really wouldn't care to be balanced like rogues were in TBC. Keep SnD up > white attack for 60% of your damage > evisc when possible> Keep SnD up but suck at using Evisc? Still do amazing DPS because white damage carried you.

The reason why Affliction is even a worthwhile DPS spec right now is because it requires that level of attention to your procs. I was equally disappointed when they made guardians update dynamically (and I also came from an elemental shaman who had the fire elemental be a decent portion of our DPS) instead because that was another way to maximize your DPS and go the extra mile when others wouldn't.

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