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video strats have locks and mages showing how to get it done.
looking for some input from spriest.
I have maybe 35 tries some just testing out my own strats ,glyph/talent changes knowing I would die.
my void tentrils seem to be bugged in there as they only hold 1-2 adds or only run a 3-4 second duration.mf slows 1 add but glyph of mf for speed boost seems a better choice.
thank you for any help!!
Do what I did, go Disc. Did the healing challenge in 3 attempts and I just started healing this patch, half my gear is shadow gear including one of my tier pieces, just reforged n gemmed it all. Healing challenge is cake compared to ranged dps one.

Also on the healing challenge a disc can one shot all the adds with Halo, just make sure your near max range with it, don't even have to target or face the adds.
I've heard of some Spriests doing the healer challenge for the cloak instead, but I'm not sure if that locks you out of getting a dps cloak or not(or if there is much difference since spriests can also use spirit).
Doesn't matter what challenge you do, you can choose any cloak you want. Heck I could have chosen the tank cloak if I wanted, it gives you the choice of all 6.
you can do any of the challenges your specs allow and still pick any cloak.
I have been checking out the healing challenge schooling myself in that strat
and might give that a go in a day or 2.have not healed in 2 years so i'm sure
I would need a little practice there before I even attempt it.
Oh! Ok then. Thanks for clarifying. Sounded a little strange when I read the rumor that it might effect which cloak you get so I'm glad that it doesn't at all.

G'luck OP! We're rootin for ya :)
took 7 more attempts but finally completed this.imo it might have received a nerf today since he did go down a lot easier..took 7 i'm pretty sure because running out to balcony using spectral guise didn't always drop aggro from the adds
Get a warlock friend to make you a healthstone. If none are available, check the brawlers guild area to see if a buff group is going and you can probably get a stone there.

Glyph of Dark Binding, Mind Flay, Weakened Soul. Take Body and Soul, Void Tendrils, Spectral Guise, Mindbender, Divine Star, and the one that procs instant mind blasts off your SW:Pain.

Use mindbender on CD on wrathion. Burn the adds one at a time. Get SW:P rolling on them and dump your MB procs into them. Death them when in range. ALWAYS dump your 3 orb DP into wrathion and do not underestimate the healing you receive from your DP!

Try to think of mind flay as a speed boosting device and not a reliable source of damage. If you only DP and mindbender wrathion, he WILL go down if you keep yourself up.

When he does the split into all the 1k HP adds, run to the balcony and work on any blobs that are left. Drop them there and then recover health and mana. Wrathion wont chase you up there while he is split and this phase will end itself if you dont touch the mirrors.

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