Celestial Blessings Ranged DPS Easymode Win

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This fight is actually really easy once you know the tricks.

1) Attack Wrathion and focus on avoiding damage. Don't worry about getting behind him. All of his attacks have cast times of at least 2 seconds where he wont be able to move or do anything and you can see where the damage is going to hit in plenty of time to avoid it.

2) When the blobs spawn, run out to the balcony as far as you can get.

3) Use an ability that lets you drop aggro. Mages use invisibility, priests use fade, hunters do your thing, etc.

4) The blobs will now go back to the center of the room with the gong. You will never see them again and won't have to worry about them.

5) Run around on the balcony avoiding Wrathion's attacks, dealing damage when you can. Never leave the balcony and don't go too close to the stairs or the blobs will start chasing you again. Relax and take your time - you are not in a hurry.

6) At some point Wrathion will try to go back to the gong room to summon his mirror images. LET HIM.

7) Wrathion is now with his mirror images and you are all alone on the terrace. You have at least 30 seconds to self heal (mages use glyphed invocation and heal to full.) Your cooldowns will also reset.

8) After a little while all the mirror images will just fall over dead on their own. Wrathion will then come back to the terrace and start fighting you again. Just keep wearing him down until he's dead. If he does mirror images again just use the time to self heal etc.

Easymode win.

Before the fight:

Choose talents/glyphs etc. that make it easier to do damage on the run. This isn't mandatory since Wrathion can't self heal and there's no aggro timer, but it will just help you win faster.

Choose talents/abilities that give you ability to self heal. Invocation works well because wrathions attacks take a couple seconds to land and you can see where they will hit in advance. Just stand and evocate somewhere that won't be affected by his attack.

Have fun and congratz on your new cloak!
514 Arc Mage (Abbeegail--my alt) in RF/Valor gear did exactly what u said and pulled my images and used hero on the balcony, when he went to pull his images he was at 3%! Can't TY enough for making it this easy! Should take even less time for my 525 main using ur technique--TY!
I love you Angband!
Confirmed ilvl 517 Frost Mage before 522 after cloak lol. I used blazing speed nether tempest etc. But it works getting rid of those fail adds really makes a difference. Invis after adds spawn when your at the end of the balcony and they don't trouble you at all. It's a shame blizzard designed such a poor encounter. And ty OP never would of done this without the tip.
Just wanna say, thank you so much!!! You have saved me from banging my head repeatedly into a wall! Those adds were haunting me in my sleep! I can't believe it never even crossed my mind to use invisible.
I would hug you if hugs were transferable via internet. This was all kinda of helpful.
Would soulshatter or demonic gateway be good enough for warlocks to drop threat to avoid the blood adds? I watched the video of this fight and it doesn't seem that it's going to be as hard as the Kanrethad fight for green fire.
Would soulshatter or demonic gateway be good enough for warlocks to drop threat to avoid the blood adds? I watched the video of this fight and it doesn't seem that it's going to be as hard as the Kanrethad fight for green fire.

I can confirm this is a no. Soul shatter is a 90% dump, and you don't lose aggro going through the gate, those lil' f*, I meant tears, will follow you up the balcony if you had aggro in any way shape or form to start with.
I think the first thing I am going to try is not having a pet and not attacking bloods to see I can get to balcony without ever having aggro on them, if that doesn't work I am going all out nuke on them and Wrathion. So I won't be playing Demo for the first plan so I don't have to worry about hand of guldan drawing aggro from aoe damage, good thing destro and aff are easy single target specs lol.
I have been working on this for 2 weeks w/o a ton of success. I was getting close when I came across this post. Used this and 1 shot him. Thx so much:)
ANGBAND I love you finally got it done on my druid
They must have fixed this, because it certainly doesn't work any more.
Well, I take it back, it does actually work, but for some reason I had to damage the adds a bit before I could go to balcony and use invis.
you are a LEGEND Angband!
I love you Angband, you are my hero.
If you don't have an agro wipe invest time in obtaining the Salyin battle banner. Of course you have to be at the balcony first before you use it.
Does this work for Shadow Priests? I am using Fade and can't get this trick to work.
Does this work for Shadow Priests? I am using Fade and can't get this trick to work.

There have been posts today on wowhead that the strategy is no longer working.

I find that a bit strange because I did it last night at 2 a.m., and I don't see evidence of any hotfixes.

I will also note, however, that the person who posted on wowhead that the strategy no longer works was also a shadow priest.

It's possible that the above strategy works for mages, but not shadow priests, but we'll need some more feedback to verify.

I'll be pretty sad if they hotfixed it because I thought it was consistent with the quest teachings (know your surroundings, true wisdom is doing nothing).


Realize the adds have a VERY large aggro range. You must stay withing the circle on the balcony, hug the edge even, to ensure you are out of their aggro range.

I have a feeling this strategy works so good for mages because we pop invis and basically stay like that till the adds and wrathion are back in the center of the room (or at least I did). Thus, it's important that when you drop aggro to get out of the add's aggro range.
The dropping of aggro does work. I used Spectral Guide and ran to the back of the balcony. The Prince followed me and I had to do some fancy foot work because of the stuff on the ground. But it does work and I have my cloak.
It took my many tries to get it just right. It doesn't always work. It might be also that my timing was bad on the other tries. Just keep at it and it does work.

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