Celestial Blessings Ranged DPS Easymode Win

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The above walk thru worked for my Spriest but with slight tweaking.
Before I clicked on the gong to begin the fight I threw Angelic Feathers down to help get away from adds.
The second the adds began to spawn I clicked feathers and ran onto terrace, and stayed at the furthest point away from the stairs that I could, clicking Dispersion and Fade on cd.
The adds never once came onto terrace and then it was just a case of fighting Wrathion.
(On a side note I took bandages even tho I'm a priest just so I wouldn't waste pots/cd's at intermission time when Wrathion goes back down stairs).
I just got the heart from lei shen for Wrathion, but it was too late at night for me to start the challenge. Does the terrace strategy still work? I heard they hotfixed it.
Worked for me yesterday.
The hardest part is not getting aggro from the adds before you get to the terrace.
Good luck!
OK... this is my 2nd 600 level cape and happens to be the 2nd time I have engaged Wrathion at the Jade Temple in finishing this quest. My first was a Shaman...and in the beginning i wiped like 10 time before i came across this guide. V. Good..and was able to complete it in 2 tries. So...i figured it would be the same on my 2nd toon (a 522 Warlock). Well...No..it was not. Appears that Blizzard changed some things because i could never get away from the dam blobs. I only just today completed it...after about 50 wipes. so...here is what i did. What has changed is...the dam blobs continue to spawn...and will find u no matter where u go.

N.B. this is not ...repeat not a fast fight. so...the whole idea here is to stay alive. The initial NICEL POST on how to do this said this fact. Most people will find it hard to kill WRATHION fast. That said, it means the Lava Blobs will be spawned several times. So..the new trick to practice here is...when blobs spawn...singe them out..and kill them 1 at a time.

General Notes:
1. The respawn of the blobs are on a timer...so DO NOT AOE the blobs and kill them all at once. If u kill the blobs one at a time, they will respawn 1 at a time..and u can kill them easier....with VW holding aggro on them...while you kill them. When they are dead...go back and DPS ...Wrathion .
2. its impossible to drop aggro as a Lock...i tried casting a SoulShatter and then..run...and then...dismiss pet..and I wiped shortly thereafter.
3. If your pet dies...conjure another.
4. the GATEWAY will not...repeat will not stay up for 15 min. at some point in fight, I found it about 3 min into it...the gateway disappears. so...when u go up to the plat where jade serpent is...make sure u cast another one.
5. Make sure u know how to use EMBER TAP. It is essential to use heal pots, HS and ETs.

General Strategy
1. I went Destruction spec'd . So.. i buffed up w/ a flask, and food w/ HS ready.
2. I put down a Demonic Gateway catty corner from the top of the platform where the Jade Serpent is...down to the left and behind Wrathion.
3. As I said earlier, I chose a Void Wallker to augment me. Note .. in all my wipes, i tired every combination of pet and "sacrifice" but found out in the latter 4 - 5 wipes that the VW was best...b/c you have to KILL the Lava Blobs...that is a must.
4. Ring Bell...start fight...stay behind Wrathion as much as u can and DPS as fast as u can.. ...idea here is to build EMBERS fast.
5. NOTE: I did not cast Doom Guard/INFERNAL cast UNTIL end of fight as i wanted to have max DPS when I most wanted it to finish him off. so ..i didnt cast DG until Wrathion has about 7K health.
6. Blobs come fairly fast. so...kill them 1 at a time..then run around...so..now..that blobs have come 1 time...i found it easier to stay fully ranged as much as i could.
7. use the gateway when blobs on u as needed.
8. on 3rd time of blobs...Wrathion will cast MIRROR IMAGES...and they will kill u if u are near them..so ..shortly after 2nd blobs...i went to the upper platform..with VW. I killed blobs up there 1 at time...note...they spawned on plat from dead blobs..
8. after Wrathion casts mirror images...he will come to plat. and the blobs will continue to come. ...so...keep doign the same strategy.
9 on the 2nd -3rd blob respawn..the mirror images come again... So...now...you see the pattern...so you should rinse and repeat...
10. when Wrathion is at 7K health or so...cast DoomGuard..or infernal, and cast all CDs . I did it with DG.

KK..... good Luck..and dont get discouraged. I know it can be frustrating...but..the 600 level cape is well worth the effort. Final note...I too spent over 5K in repair bills.
Well done to that man. I was pulling my mage hair out until I read your thread. Congratz.
You are a rock star. It took me a couple tries to time Fade correctly, but I eventually did it as a Shadow Priest and it worked. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and nuked him until right before the adds spawned, then turned and ran to the edge of the balcony (casting Fade around mid-balcony). Thank you so much!
Wow this is depressing all the posts r either priests, mages or locks and only 1 druid.
Seriously did they change this part of the quest to make it harder for boomies and yes I tried that banner thingy and it doesn't work on the adds they just keep coming so it's so hard to avoid them. the adds also seem to go faster when they go over that big lava pool on the ground. I really want to get the cape :(

Ok I'm adding to my post and trust me it's very tricky for a boomkin to do this part but I managed to take him out . I set up my mushrooms at his feet first then I summons my treants to take the agro and ran up the stairs and set off my mushies. the blobs spawned but were only agroed to my treants and stayed below. I managed to stay at the back of the balcony kiting him and using Ursol's Vortex that was a life saver. also use the solar beam on him when he's casting tangle root him too rinse and repeat after intermission. ;)
I guess most druids either do the Heal or Melee challenges instead of this pita ranged DPS one. iono.

Since Timeless is giving up free loots, I made a heal set with whatever tier pieces I had and tried it that way. Got further along than before but still not enough.

The DPS fight side was a little better too, got further - at least I saw the mirror images! Blob-death-squad is still a mess. Running away makes casting non-instants impossible cuz of the facing issue. I'm trying with every new piece of gear, both sides. I'm nothing but stubborn but 4~5 attempts is enough for the day. Try another day.
This just got way harder since they've nerfed locks with the no dropping of agro when porting, Archimonde's Vengeance is severely nerfed and when you kill the adds with shadowburn, you get no burning embers.
Agreed easier the green fire quest but unless uber geared and killed before mirror image tis fight is all but impossible. Iv520.
this quest sucks ive completed and did not get credit reported it once so i did again and still no completion blizz wont fix issue no wonder people are leaving wow
I just did this on my warlock. Took a few wipes and attempts at using the advice that I read here. I finally got it, but I did not use my GoSac as some mentioned had worked for them. that didn't work for me. Instead I used my voidwalker as a tank the whole time.
I also had trouble dumping aggro with my soulshatter, but maybe I used it at the wrong time. (I still used it just in case, tho, as the fire blobs came at me).

I am destruction. I got a bunch of people to buff me up when I was at the shrine. I placed a demonic circle up on the balcony and then I went up to the balcony and placed my gateway going across from one end of the balcony to the other, parallel to the stairs, tho placement may not matter so long as you have it up there to use to dodge everything.

When the fight first started, I immediately sent the voidwalker out to start fighting. He held aggro while I stayed outside of Wrath's range. He held aggro on the fire blobs that came out, too, for a while. If you are lucky that Wrath's back is to you or if you can get behind him, you will do extra damage. The blobs finally started coming at me, so I ran up the stairs (didn't even use my demonic circle) and used soulshatter. I was able to run around and kill the fire blobs while my void was still fighting down below. I had to use the gate a lot to get away, healthstones, fear, drain life. I could then stand on the stairs and blast Wrath for a while until the next round of fire blobs came at me. My voidwaker came up to help me. We stayed up there, fighting the fire blobs as they came around. I guess the mirror image stage was going on, I could not see what was happening below me-- only saw some dust clouds.

The fire blobs die pretty quickly, but you have to keep moving (which sucks now that we can't cast as many spells while moving) because they will come at you quickly and will do a lot of damage. My void would get aggro on them enough for me to drain their health or only have to worry about one at a time. A couple bigger ones will spawn up there on the balcony, but they arrive one at a time, so nuke them as they spawn.

I had to use Flames of Xoroth to revive my voidwalker at one point, and I had to heal him a couple of times. Wrath will stay below the balcony for most of the fight, so it is a lot of dodging and killing fire blobs.

Wrath will finally come upstairs. My void was holding aggro on him, and I was able to stay out of range of his spells while hitting him with what I could. A fire blob would come at me, but i would run, fear it, kill it, go back to Wrath, and repeat. I could goblin hop or use the gateway to get out of his range. I summoned my infernal toward the end to help out just in case, but my voidwalker was keeping Wrath busy. At the end there, I had to run down the stairs a bit to kill 2 fire blobs that were on me before I could go back up and finish off Wrath. Backing a little down the stairs to kill the fire blobs got me out of the range of whatever Wrath was blasting, though.

It is true that you have to be patient and take your time and keep moving around. Bring some heal potions, bandages, whatever will give you an extra boost when you can, and drain life from the blobs that are far from you or from Wrath when he is far enough that you can reach him but he can't reach you. You will have to switch your focus from Wrath to the fire blobs... when I decided to finally take them on and kill them when they came at me, I was able to do it. At first I was just trying to run from them or fear or drop aggro or aoe while I kept my target on Wrath, but I was too busy with that and couldn't get big hits off on Wrath and they would catch up to me and kill me quickly. So just deal with them while your voidwalker is either helping you or keeping Wrath busy down below.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Ever so very much for the guide! It took a a few runs to get the hang of it, and constant reminders to be patient, but I now have not only the Legendary Cloak on my Feral Druid, but also now on my Mage!
Thank OP this helped out immensely. I was having issues with the Healing challenge, so I figured I would give this a shot.

On my second try I got the adds to drop aggro, but messed up and died. I was getting really frustrated because I couldn't get it work again. The key is to be patient and stick it out. If you don't get it to work, just run out and reset the encounter.

After about 15 or so resets I got it to work. I should be wrapping up the Legendary questline tonight or tomorrow.

To all my fellow Priest out there be patient and don't give up. Good Luck everyone
Dude, you are one clever mage!
For shadow priests just do this.

Bang the gong. After the prince blindfolds wait a second or two. Cast shadow fiend. Run up to the back of the balcony and fade. No need to even wait for the blobs to spawn. Wait for the prince, dodge and weave. Drop dots when you can. You can use voids on him as well. DPS, profit. Easy as that. Thanks to the OP for this strategy. YOU ROCK!
Well, I take it back, it does actually work, but for some reason I had to damage the adds a bit before I could go to balcony and use invis.

My experience. Basically, if you are a pet class, it won't let you dump all the aggro, your pet has to tank the blobs and you have to kill them. A non-pet class and you can dump the aggro and the blobs.

Seems more than fair, given the way that pet classes have a much easier time of other things. Well, now I need to try it on my warlock, who used to be my main.
there is no easy mode for this fight in 5.4

need help with it for demo spec
For shadow priests just do this.

Bang the gong. After the prince blindfolds wait a second or two. Cast shadow fiend. Run up to the back of the balcony and fade. No need to even wait for the blobs to spawn. Wait for the prince, dodge and weave. Drop dots when you can. You can use voids on him as well. DPS, profit. Easy as that. Thanks to the OP for this strategy. YOU ROCK!


This made this fight a joke. First time I tried it, I got too close to the stairs and the blobs saw me and chased me. Second time, I stayed toward the back of the ledge. I took many crumble damages, but was able to heal through it with PoM and renew. I did avoid the orange lava circles and rain of fire shadows. When he goes to the center and casts mirror images, just wait at the back. The aoe can't hit you. Eventually they will despawn and Wrathion will come back. Using this strategy, I only had to take care of Wrathion and not worry about any adds.
Just did this tonight. Was struggling but when I read the many helpful hints here, especially reply number 72 for warlocks, got it on my first attempt after reading these posts. How I did it - set up demonic gateway at the top of the stairs as close to the gong as possible. Then set the voidlord on the prince with me already positioned behind him and got off 3 quick shots before hitting soulshatter and running off to the gateway. Only to find that it had disappeared (I think because I set it up before hitting the gong and it got phased out (?)). Ran then as fast as I could right to the edge of the balcony. Restrained myself from sneaking forward to see what was going on. After about 1 minute the voidlord was dead but nothing seemed to be happening. Never saw any blobs. Stayed put wondering if the fight was over - filled in the time recasting the VL but kept him on passive next to me. Was really wondering if it was over when suddenly the prince ran up to engage me. Set the VL on him, avoided his attacks and got him down by about 40% before he ran back into the room. Stopped the VL from following him by switching him back to passive and keeping him next to me. Heard a few noises coming from the room and restrained myself from looking (the hardest part). Waited and eventually after about 2 mins the prince returned and we repeated the above sequence. At 80% down he went back in, some noises, 2 mins later came back and I finished him off. Used one charge of healthstone in the fight and had crystal of insanity on. Otherwise minimal damage. This fight is definately Less is More. DO less but do it wisely. I really am generally a pretty average lock so to any lock out there struggling if I can do it so can you!! Don't give up.

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