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Give Dreadmaul a Bunch of people by offering like Frostmourne barth and a whole bunch of others free transfers to dreadmaul we need alot more people the server doesnt run anymore and its boring we want more people please help us out and give them free xfers
Couldn't agree more. There were strong rumours that both FM and Barth would be subjected to the same 'locked' restrictions coming into effect on other US realms but it doesn't seem to have occurred as of yet.

General discussions is the place to be if you want to keep on top of those happenings. But the sooner it happens, the better imho.
Hopefully "virtual realms" will help with these issues

even with Barthilas' "high" population, alliance is very quiet these days

honestly I'd be ecstatic if they merged all the Oceanic PvP servers into one, and all the Oceanic PvE servers into another
I transferred from Dreadmaul to Frostmourne a few months ago. I'm having more fun on Frostmount, but they should merge Dreadmaul with another low-medium population server, so that everyone can "hardcore" PvP and Raid without having to pay for a transfer like myself.
Frostmourne* not Frostmount haha
Dreadmaul used to be such a awesome server back in WOTLK. As soon as Adept changed servers things went downhill. Hang in there my friends, hopefully this virtual realm thing I have been hearing about will solve the problem of ghost town servers.
Virtual realms look very promising, as well as giving a wider player base to recruit those pesky raiders as well as a much more competitive raiding scene. Realm first FoS's and serverwide broadcasts for them is one of the things I'm curious how blizz will go (raid with 6dread/4jubei etc).

All in all, expanding the playerbase on dreadmaul, which is pretty dead during the 9-5 periods, and when there are actually people on it's mostly due to the raiding guilds having their raids on the same nights, working nights quite often and having the 9-5 as my catchup for World bosses and conquest capping etc makes this a bit slow.

TL;DR Virtual Realms have my support, lets see them soon!
Yup bring on the virtual realms I have all of my main toons on Dreadmaul and a few on Frostmourne and logging from Frost to Dread its like everyone decided to log off at the same haha. its good for farming and killing rares etc on Dreadmaul but que times suuuuck.
tankfully ive found a busy guild.
Iv been on dreadmaul for a few years now I love it, its a tight nit community but it would also help to get more people :)

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