[H] Hex (25) Recruiting Core 10m Raid Spots

Hi there!

Hex is looking to fill a few more spots in our 3rd 10m raid team! We run Thursday and Sunday, 9-12pm Server. We are currently comprised of mostly transfers who are looking to finally get going further into ToT than our old servers would allow. Most of the group is 3/12, with some having more experience.

What we are looking for:

1 Monk Healer

Looking for ~500 IL, reliable raiders only! If you have a tendency to flake out, or can't wait the couple days until our next raid, we don't want you! If you are interested, please contact Vitellius, Avengeline, or Ehnlil for more info!
hey, in game or btag me, id like to talk to you.

Im 4/12
522 ilvl
Bump for update.
Bump for another update! Still need a monk!
Still need one Monk heals, and we are set!

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