Open Libram LXXXV: They Threw the Book at Us!

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Maybe its just me, but I feel normal/heroics should at least have a higher drop rate on the legendary items than LFR. Yknow for the effort.
Yeah, I can agree with that - even if I were still only running LFR. It still feels absolutely absurd for this stuff to be so easy for the masses to obtain considering the inherent power involved, when that power is not necessary for LFR but could - and should - be more necessary for more difficult content.
That, and the Shado-pan rep cloak is the best for us lol, cant justify upgrading to a heroic cloak with terrible stats x.x
Forgot my laptop charger at home, working all day. It's gonna be a slow one guys.
Hmm, with this whole Garrosh thing and the shift from Pandaria to faction neutral to Horde once again; how bad "Horde" con is going to be this year.
Changing the subject really fast here. I'm trying to sim my character and keep getting an error because of my bracers. It's stops immediately after importing.

Have and of you had this? Can any of you sim my character successfully?

Edit: And grog, what's this about being level 21?
Check your version of simcraft. Even one build ago was having serious problems with rng scenario loot, but 530-4 imported and simmed you fine.
What version SimCraft are you using, Arte? I'm using 530-4 and imported you just fine.

EDIT: Gah! Six seconds. >_<

All the 520 versions couldn't handle 463 scenario gear, and I think 530-1 and 530-2 were just like GTFO whenever I tried simming myself with the RNG shoulders, I would always end up having to tell it they were a 1/2 upgraded shoulder from heroic ToES that had the same stats.
Hmm I think someone should do my bi montly simming for me

Any takers? haha
I suppose that's one upside to never having gotten anything of value out of those stupid heroic scenario bags. Although, I did get that one ring I used for awhile and SimC never gave me ay issues with it. o_O

EDIT: What weights you want, Chaz?
Love you guys! Is there an easier way to update than simply re-downloading it?

Edit: nevermind. got it.
Oh if I should still be stacking haste, and where my crit/mastery is.

All that good stuff
Not as I'm aware, but I haven't really looked into it. It's a lighweight program and a quick download, so I just check the site periodically and grab it when I need to.

EDIT: Running now, Chaz.
Is there a loading bar that says "Working"? haha
No, "Scaling - X". :p
rofl just got a 4th Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, one of these days I need to sit down and power level an alt
I used one of those things to blitz Wrath on my Rogue over the weekend; he's now en route to Deepholm.
So was reading MMO and saw that a bunch of new glyphs were datamined for some classes.

And Paladins weren't one of them, cause we're totally not lacking fun or cosmetic glyphs.

Damn it Blizzard.
We're lacking fun, cosmetic, and mainly useful glyphs lol

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