Open Libram LXXXV: They Threw the Book at Us!

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Chaz, weights:

Hit - 5.74 (1.23)
Expertise - 4.84 (1.04)
Crit - 2.74 (.59)
Mastery - 2.68 (.57)
Haste - 3.41 (.73)
Ok...explain to me what that means again?
Keep stacking haste, can bias crit over mastery for reforging purposes.
Hmm ok, more haste it is
Heroic scenario weapon number 4 for my warrior.

Dwarf is 501 ilvl with a 471 weapon still.
Seems we all have our bad luck

Cept lobster <.<.>.>
Yeah, Lobster.
Seems we all have our bad luck

Cept lobster <.<.>.>

I wouldnt say that. iirc he hasnt had a feather drop yet :o
Did have a feather drop the first week and gave it to me. He saw that it would put him massively over hit cap, it didn't have haste on it and RPPM trinkets sucked for the first two weeks.

Couple weeks later they buff RPPM trinkets and new data comes out about how absurdly powerful feather is for Rets. And since then we haven't had a single feather drop.

It's not like it's completely wasted though. It's just as OP on UH DKs and it's still fairly strong on blood DKs. Had we known though we wouldn't have traded the trinket.

This happened with bone link fetish is DS as well. Got one the first week and didn't know how good it was so I took it. Never saw another one for the entire tier.

Hit - 6.19 (1.25)
Expertise - 5.47 (1.11)
Haste - 4.32 (.88)
Mastery - 3.16 (.64)
Crit - 2.99 (.61)

....And now I'm'na be late for class. >_<
Agreed, feel like I'm coining less stuff than I used to.
Got SSM vet today.. I'm down to cloud nine. Time to see how pissed at pvp I can get.

Turns out my pissed meter goes up a lot slower than my I'm not waiting for 13 minute TP queues meter.

So, Prot nerfs; Battle Healer will now heal injured party members but not the Paladin, and Grand Crusader now triggers solely from avoidance. I giggle while crying.
Them making Seal of Insight no longer grant mana pisses me off. Holy Paladins were the first Battle Healers, it was the main reason for the creation of the Silver Hand in lore.

I also hate the Battle Healer Glyph change, that's lost utility.

Bring on the Grand Crusader change, we shouldn't be Haste tanking to begin with. Keep driving those nails in.
The Battle Healer thing is stupid. It's worthless now, Insight alone isn't all that.
Another prot nerf that's kicking ret in the teeth.
The drop rate on these Titan Runestones is really bugging me.

I want that cape so bad; its even a nice color and I wouldn't even transmog it.

The Legendary cape abillitys look unbelievably good for ret with that cleave thing.
07/08/2013 07:17 PMPosted by Nytró
its even a nice color and I wouldn't even transmog it.

Agreed. I proudly show mine unmogged, and I don't usually sport capes except on my Warrior - 'cause his works with the whole Knight of Ironforge thing he has going.

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