5.4 PVP Affliction or Destruction

Pretty simple and please say why
Unless changes are made from the current ptr in regards to MF RoF and ember generation you will be wanting to play affliction or demo.

The sustain cleave damage of destro and FnB was gutted with MF nerf. The ember generation from RoF was gutted in general and again with the MF nerf. Destro in its current state is a less than mediocre single target fear bot with on demand cleave burst through MF and DS. However they will be like ele shamans currently: "shaman is in ascendance cc him", everytime you pop DS or MF just without the OMG 15 chainlightning overloads and 5 lavasurges I a row. My main is an ele.
I started a Lock a week ago. He is only level 37 But I juggled between Affliction and Destruction and Destruction has proven, to me at least, to give me more damage and more kills in PvP.
If it's for leveling on BGs go Destro, at lower levels is a lot better than Affliction, in fact I woudn't recomend affliction till you have the 4th piece bonus and a PVE ToT Trinket.

For lvl 90 PVP I recommend going Demo until you get at least full Malevolent, then you can reforge and gem Mastery and go Affliction. Aff does not hit hard until you stack up a good amount of mastery, once you have done this, it's awesome.

Demo all the way.

Especially with most recent change to nightfall for soul shard regeneration, and the changes to KJC. I personally can't see myself pvping as anything but demo in 5.4.
I know all about how 5.4 is being balanced, and can thus predict which spec will be superior.

Oh, wait.
from what ive heard, dont go affliction unless you are geared.
03/09/2014 03:36 AMPosted by Vedren

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