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Hey all. I don't post much in the forums. But simcraft is a being a little confusing. Granted I am new to it just started fiddling around with it past week. I read and did some research on how to optimize and then input stat weights into AMR. My problem is before I started using simcraft I was just going off of AMR default gems and reforges for pve, which in the case has mastery before crit. I thought crit was before mastery. Anyway after my first run I made massive changes to hit 107k dps according to simcraft. Then I ran it again and it lowered my dps again. Maybe I am not doing something right. Here is what I set it at:

Iterations: 10000
All buffs and debuffs toggled on. (I only run LFR so shouldn't be missing any)
Scaling I do Strength, expertise, hit, crit, haste and mastery
Plots I input the same as above.
Now here is where I am confused, Reforge Plots? I can only choose 3 stats so I choose expertise, hit and then haste. Am I doing something wrong? I am just confused after I changed it the first time to get to 10k I ran it again after the changes and then it only reads 106 then changes the stat weights again. Apologize if I haven't been clear enough I will give as much info as I can. Much appretiated.
Crit and mastery tend to flop weight positions depending on gear. Point for point, though, mastery tend to be better than crit since it scales better and is a flat damage increase rather than an RNG chance at a damage increase.

Also, you should not be using SimCraft to generate anything even close to resembling an accurate assessment of your potential DPS. Best use is as a means of divining your personal stat weights. You can then plug those weights into AMR (dicey) or plug them into an in-game addon such as ReforgeLite (recommended). RFL will take into account your gems and gem bonuses, but not actually recommended them - which is good, because AMR has the baffling tendency to recommend expertise gems.

SimCraft can be used to plot potential reforges, but I've never bothered with it; I just use it to generate weights, then plug 'em into RFL. Two clicks after that, I'm optimally reforged.
Simcraft calculates your DPS by running a bunch of simulated fights and then averaging the results, so there is an element of randomness - you could easily get 107.1k and then 106.9k on separate runs, even with all inputs the same.

Crit and mastery can trade positions as Grog says, and although mastery tends to take the lead more often, the important thing to note is that they really aren't far apart - .38 is technically better than .37, but not by much.
Awsome thank you both for the advice. I will look into this RFL addon. But haste is definantly higher I assume. That's where I was confused about some of the things simcraft and AMR didn't want me to have more haste. So then in the options tab just ignore reforge plots and only the other two. I will try that to see if I can get some more accurate stat weights. Thanks again!
Yes, haste trumps all for reforging after you reach your hit and expertise caps of 7.5% each.
and I guess that's where I misunderstood how AMR worked I figured it would cap me at hit and exp then put me where I need to be haste wise then on to the next stat. But it doesn't seem to do that or reccomened anything of that nature.
Part of that is because there currently is no achievable haste cap. You forge into it until there is no reforging room left; with better gear, you can occasionally get into crit/mastery, but not much unless you're heroic raid geared.

EDIT: Also, you really should be at the point where gemming with a haste-bias is superior to strength-biased gemming. That means, orange strength/haste gems for red sockets, pure haste yellows for yellow nad prismatic sockets, and haste/hit green gems for blue sockets.
I just reran simcraft without reforge plots. haste number seems low

Str- 3.44
exp- 2.37
hit- 2.86

but I understand this is all based on mygear so eventually with upgrdes this will change. thanks again for the clarification on all this.
That's not low at all - that's actually quite high, normalized at .7, in fact. Swapping to haste-biased gemming is likely to be a very good change for you.
you are right tho on AMR it is suggesting expertise/haste gems. wish I could tell it not to factor in gems guess ill maybe keep the gems as I have them and change yellows to haste only gems and use reforge light

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