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Good evening all,

Short end is I am looking to come to the Oceanic side of the house due to where I live currently and more than likely where I will live after this. I play on US servers now (being from there) but I live in Central Asia and if I get my way my next home will be Malaysia for a few more years. So I am looking into the OS side for less of a Ghost town effect during my normal playtime.

My question is a nice PvP environment with a somewhat even playfield. Horde or Alli I do not mind either, I am looking more so for people on when I am to do things with. Not a hard core anything I like PvP and PvE both depending on the group of folks I am with. I am looking for a place that has people on I can at least talk to vice being the only one on 80% of the time in my guild. I live GMT +6 now which is still around 5 hours off the OS times but it beats 10 ahead.

What server, as I know nothing regarding the Oceanic side would be best suited. I am looking for a server with a good player environment (attitude wise) mixed with a descent amount of people on?

Thank you for your time.
I know a couple people that play on Frostmourne and really like it. If your normal playtimes are evenings while in Malaysia, and you're looking for PVP, that is the server for you. It's one of the most populated of the Oceanic servers.

As for attitudes, that's a highly subjective question. We are talking about people sitting behind computers here. Have you not seen trade chat lately? It's like a circus on every server I've been on during peak times. I'm sure with the population there, you'll easily find people you like playing with at the times you're available.

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