Hunting for rare pets

I've just started tracking down the rare pets in pandaria and am wondering if it would be possible that the rare pets in the rest of the game can be tracked just like in pandaria. This would avoid other players killing them and hopefully there will be a reduction in the re-spawn time for them as well.

Does anyone reckon it is possible that Blizzard can include this in their next update?
Is it possible for them to do this, yes, will they, no. Reasoning is as follows.
Creating tracked paths in which they are hidden would require a lot of coding work, especialy in phase heavy zones line northerend and Cata.

In Wrath and BC zones, rare beasts are part of the rare spawn achieve, they have already stated they have no interest in removing these pets from teh achieve.

For clasic zones, rare pets are often killed in hopes of getting an upgrade by low level toons, or tamed by hunters who are after it.

Could they, yes, but this would be work benefiting hunters and attracting the anger of other classes who look forward to killing rare spawns for gear and exp (most low level rares are beasts). then theres a matter of really low level rare spawns not being tameable to low lv hunters untill they get flare at a higher level. and there is the stance that leting pets be killed is part of world PVP interaction and helps keep things challenging in PVE.

Would it be a nice change for rare spawn hunters, yes, and i would like it, as would many hunters, will blizz implement it, not likely, as it would require a lot of extra work on low level content that is not used by the majority of the wow population.

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